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Happy 6th Birthday BTS

By Staff Reporter | June 05, 2019 08:46 AM EDT

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6 years ago, seven talented guys from South Korea who managed to charm their listeners and arguably the best boyband of this generation was formed. They are known as BTS.
These guys who never cease to amaze us with their talent despite having only one fluent English speaker has conquered the world with their music. 

When it comes to this craft this band really paved their way to make it to the top. Everyone can feel that they pour a lot of passion and dedication when it comes to their music

They are admired because of their songs who tell timely stories about their situation. This kind of songs keeps their listeners not only entertained but also aware of their current status. Not to mention their unique sound and well-thought choreography of their dance. That's why they're in demand locally or internationally not only by their looks and talents but also of their message.

Let's meet the members of this band so that we can know the band deeply.
Kim Nam-Joon also is known as RM is the rapper and their group leader. 
Kim Seok-jin also knows as JIN who is the singer and the eye-candy of the band.
Min Yoon-gi was also known as SUGA who is the rapper of the band.
Jung Ho-Seok also knows as J-HOPE who is also the rapper and lead dancer of their group.
Park Ji-min who is simply known as JIMIN as the singer and also the lead dancer.
Kim Tae-Hyung who is known to many as V. He is one of the singer and dancer.
Jeon Jung-kook was also known as JUNGKOOK who is also the singer and dancer of the group.

So I guess that's the sugar, spice, and everything nice of Big Hit Entertainment to make a wonderful and successful boyband. Big Hit Entertainment did a lot of work when it comes to honing and training of their talents. The management auditioned hundreds or even thousands of young individuals hoping that they could also enter the industry of entertainment. The trainees would undergo training of singing, dancing and even on their looks. They will sign a long contract to the label bounded of their personal lives and the selected ones will form a group. The label will also decide of their role into the band based on their talents and capabilities that came out off their training.

So if you have the looks, talent, and charm. You can try to audition and who knows maybe you can be the next Korean Idol that everyone will look up to.


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