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Kim Jennie and the Hate She Gets

By Staff Reporter | June 08, 2019 11:43 AM EDT


Despite being so loved in Korea, considering how she topped the Brand Reputation Rankings for female idols for five months in a row, Kim Jennie still gets most of the hate out of the quartet of the hot K-pop girl group, BLACKPINK.

For so many months now, Kim Jennie from BLACKPINK had topped the rankings for the most famous female idols in Korea, which is not an easy feat.

Take note that the Korean Business Research Institute determined the brand reputation rankings through an analysis of the consumer participation, media coverage, communication, and community awareness indexes. Lots of numbers, so many data to consider.

Now, where does the hate come from? We're pretty sure not from Korea because Korea loves her.

Most fans nowadays rely on their judgment based on the clips they see on the internet. However, one short clip cannot justify whatever is the reason behind the action.

The video and issue of lazy Jennie had been dragged for so long that it has become a massive topic in social media for months. The said video on Youtube with her recent performance being compared with her older ones has garnered a lot of attention that YG had to take action and take it down.

Not long after, diary logs of Jennie's solo debut and fans found out that Jennie, was in fact, still injured during that time. If you have followed news of their concerts, there was once a send-off where Jennie had to go out on a wheelchair. Additionally, most fans know how incredibly severe Jennie's motion sickness is.

Additionally, people hated Jennie because they feel like she is the favorite within the group. First and foremost, fans don't know what happens behind the camera. Out of all four, Kim Jennie trained the longest, and even music coaches stated that she excels in all aspects, also writes lyrics during her trainee period. If you watch videos of her with the group, you can quickly tell how the girls listen to her. BLACKPINK doesn't have a leader, but they impressively show great camaraderie within the team.

In terms of promotion, people keep on forgetting the fact that Kim Jennie receives the least amount of gigs out of the four. Jennie may have shared a stage with GDragon, but all four girls had been sent out to dominate different stages and show too.

The girl, as outrageous it may sound, is also human. She trained like the rest of the idols now. We should learn to appreciate what is given to us because we are sure that these idols, regardless if it's Jennie or someone else, gives their all and doesn't want to elicit conflict within their members. They are friends, family, and fans are extensions of who we admire. They won't be too happy if we bash people for their sake.


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