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K-pop, Not Just a Genre, It's More Than That

By Staff Reporter | June 07, 2019 10:35 AM EDT


Korean Pop has always been regarded as merely a genre of music. In a time where Kpop is fastly dominating the world, it is essential that we learn and realize what this revolution is all about.

Most of the people who listened to K-pop the first time probably said that it's just a song with a language that you don't understand - this is coming from experience. A lot of interviews and Music video reactions is present on the internet, and there is very little content where someone checks even the minuscule detail that is exerted into this craft.

Let me tell you something, Despacito was not English, but it shook the world like a storm.

If you've ever watched the recent Coachella festival, you should know that one of the performers was the rising Kpop Superstars, BLACKPINK. Not only did they rocked the show, but these girl group members turned a lot of non-fans to Kpop fans in no time.

For some K-pop enthusiasts, they have learned that K-pop is not merely a genre of music. Thanks to Suga from BTS who inadvertently explained that K-pop is an 'integrated content that covers not only auditory but visual content package.  It involves a lot more diverse elements, from the music videos, the choreography, the clothes they wear. It's so different that it is impossible to cluster them into one music genre.

There are idol groups who have people who produce songs for them, but most boy groups nowadays produce and writes their songs - BIGBANG, BTS, IKON, Winner, BTOB, GOT7, Seventeen, and a lot more who puts efforts in creating musical content for their album. They start to form a specific theme until they can create beautiful pieces that we all enjoy now.

Unlike other artists from all over the world, Kpop releases take a lot more time in terms of process and preparation. Not only do they have to go the usual producing and writing of song process, but there is also the visual content that is one of the most determining factors in every comeback.

From the color of the cd, the album jacket, the contents, posters, photo cards, and postcards, it's not an easy process. It takes a lot of time to finish the whole thing. Not only that but these groups have to record the song and practice the choreography for months until perfection.

Kpop groups usually release either an EP or Mini album, and it takes a whole lot of time if they decided to pull off a full record.

All in all, Kpop is not just about the pretty face that these idols have. It's not just about music, but it involves a lot of things. The content is very much relevant, and so is the visual.

Try listening to K-pop song and hit the captions for better understanding. Music changes a lot of things and maybe these musical masterpieces are what you need.


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