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New Kpop Idols Imerge with Different Genre "SUPERBAND"

By Staff Reporter | June 07, 2019 11:41 AM EDT

(Photo : soompi)

Let's all be honest, when it comes to Korean music, the industry had been dominated by pop and the likes. There's no doubt that most fans are focused on Korean idols and how incredible and mesmerizing they perform on stage.

Who wouldn't, though? I mean, look at how amazing they are when they grove, their beautiful voices and of course, their beautiful face that makes us swoon every time.

Undoubtedly, we've watched a lot of competitions like Produce 101, Show me the Money, Mix Nine and such but what if I tell you that a particular music competition is currently on the rise which deserves a lot of attention because of the amazing talents and the immense level of musicality these people have, the 'Super Band 'in JTBC.

Yes, competition for K-pop rock bands. Superband recently just started and I can tell you, your ears would be blessed. You'll be amazed to see how much one can do with every musical instrument and how one song can easily make you cry.

If you are a certified K-pop enthusiast and you don't know the bands like Nell, Hyukoh, FT Island and a lot more, you are missing a lot of good stuff and watching this competition might be a good start.

Apart from that, the famous Joe Hann of Linkin Park is one of the judges.

Who doesn't know Linkin Park? Every kid from the '90s to now probably knows Linkin Park - the famous songs like Numb and In the end, which most of us still bangs in KTV, the era where bands top it all.

Aside from Joe Hann, music experts like Yoon Jong Shin, Yoon Sang, Akmu's Suhyun and Nell's Kim Jong Wan are included on the list of judges.

The Korean Variety Show Superband aims to find the next big Korean rock band but even though the show hasn't ended, and whoever wins, there's no doubt that one will fall in love with every contestant's voices and we'll surely be amazed by the level of musicality they have.

I can go on and on, and tell you guys why you should give this competition a try but how about you go on Youtube and type 'Superband ILYSB.' From there you'll end up listening to their versions of La Vida Loca, Skyfall, Sign of the Times, Royals, and I know you'll probably hear a lot more once you've started.

Just head straight to Youtube and thank me afterward.


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