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Twice Concert is A Massive Success

By Staff Reporter | June 11, 2019 01:14 PM EDT

(Photo : Live Nation Singapore)

On May 25 and 26, TWICE started "TWICELIGHTS," which the group's third world tour. They first held their concert at the KSPO Dome in Seoul, South Korea, which is the first stop of their 2019 world tour. 

In the concert, all nine members impressed everyone in the show with their various performances, showcasing their unique charms and talents. The girls performed their latest single "FANCY" as well as their renowned tracks including "Cheer Up," "TT," "What is Love," "Likey," "Yes or Yes," and a lot more.

Amid the concert on May 26, Dahyun acknowledged the presence of TWICE's father PD Park Jin Young, founder and CEO of JYP Entertainment, and their juniors ITZY and Stray Kids. She also told ONCEs, the girl groups official fan club name, that it was ITZY's Yeji's birthday. After hearing about it, the fans happily sang a happy birthday song for Yeji.

After the event, ITZY's Yeji posted a message through their group's Instagram account, talking about her birthday that day and thanked TWICE for inviting them. She added that ITZY will do their best to become great artists like their sunbaenim. Yeji also thanked the fans for greeting her and said that she would not forget that day.

Meanwhile, on ITZY's official Twitter account, they posted a picture of them together with TWICE with a caption stating about their happiness to witness their seniors on stage and how proud they are. ITZY even said that they would work hard to become juniors TWICE can be proud of too.

Besides ITZY, Stray Kids showed their love for TWICE through an Instagram post as well. They captioned it, saying that they had fun at the concert and they had a lot to learn. The boys thanked their sunbaenim for the good memories they made.

In addition to that, TWICE posted a picture of them with Chaeyoung's favorite artist Wouter Hamel and his band on Instagram. Chaeyoung expressed how happy she was in the post's caption. She also revealed that Wouter is the singer she enjoyed listening to since she was still a trainee. The Dutch singer Hamel shared photos from the event too and thanked Chaeyoung for inviting them.

After holding their concert in Seoul, TWICE will continue their world tour in June, July, and August, stopping by in different cities worldwide including Bangkok, Manila, Singapore, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Newark, Chicago, and Kuala Lumpur.


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