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How Mental Health of Idols are Overlooked

By Staff Reporter | June 08, 2019 10:54 AM EDT

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Recently, the former girl band member KARA - Goo Hara, 28 -  almost lost her life after a suicide attempt in her home in Gangnam District.

Hara is currently engaged in a court battle with her former soccer player boyfriend. For months now, Goo Hara had been put into so much emotional pressure and social distress, and fans speculated that these might have caused the trigger for the idol to take her own life.

This incident wasn't the first time that an idol had attempted to commit suicide. BIGBANG's oldest member T.O.P, shook the world after he was found unconscious inside their barracks for overdosing in benzodiazepine. Luckily, T.O.P was able to recover.

A report about former MBLA Q's member Lee Joon also came into view after news of his suicide attempt spread like wildfire, causing even his entertainment agency to check on him. Though the report had been proven false, this got fans worried as Lee Joon had been diagnosed to have a panic disorder when he was an actor.

Now, who doesn't know about SHINee's Jonghyun death last December of 2017?

Many fans and artist all over the world were in despair after news of his death arises. Jonghyun had been one of Korea's greatest music genius, having written songs for other artists and creating songs that hit the roofs of all music charts, losing an artist like he shook South Korea.

Not just for idols, but even actors and actresses. Until now, the death of the last actress Jang Ja-Yeon is still a mystery to all. Even the previous Instagram post of the late Kim Joo Hyuk's girlfriend Lee Yoo Young had created a buzz worrying fans. The post stated, "I want to die. Each and every day is hell. I want to escape it."

It was then deleted while her agency releases a statement that it was posted on accident though fans were not buying the explanation.

Depression, panic disorder, anxiety, and a lot more is a serious issue not just for idols and artists.

With the media being an open platform for people who can quickly post what they feel, it is very easy to trigger these emotions, especially if the focus of the distress are these idols.

Fans are now pushing for agencies to have a mental help support system to ensure their emotional health.

Many idols have openly admitted and discussed their mental issues. SUGA from BTS had released a song entitles "The Last" where he shared his personal experience with seeking professional help. Even the top stars, like IU, admitted that her heartfelt empty as she fears that she isn't talented enough as a singer.

Not only idols but everyone in general needs helps in term of mental issues. Sometimes the little things we say to them through social media can either make and break them.

Let us all be considerate with our words and actions. These idols had trained so hard and had to sacrifice a lot of things to be where they are today. Appreciate these things and be happy for others.


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