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Fans Can't Help But Revisit Lee Sung Kyung's Version of 'A Whole New World

By Staff Reporter | June 08, 2019 11:46 AM EDT

Lee Sung Kyung is a model-turned-actress best known for her role in "Weightlifting Fairy."
(Photo : Wikimedia Commons)

Lee Sung Kyung's cover of the Disney song "A Whole New World" resurfaces after the recent showing of the movie Alladin.

Since a lot of versions were being posted on Youtube representing different countries, fans can't help but talk about Sung Kyung's version, which she published in Instagram last February 2017. The actress was seen comfortably singing the song while driving on her car along the roads of California. She was shooting her Kdrama 'The Weightlifting Fairy" then which explains why her hair was seen short.

This is not the first time that Lee Sung Kyung had shown her vocal prowess. The actress had appeared in MBC's King of Mask Singer last 2015 and wowed the panel and the audience for her singing style. Additionally, the actress had proven that she's not just a beauty by starring on another Korean drama entitled 'About Time' where she starred as the character of a musical actress who was trying to pursue her dream before her time ends. The clips of her singing garnered a lot of views, and sometimes we can't help but wonder how lucky this girl is to have all the beauty and the talent one can have.

Fans are falling in love how the actress was able to pull off the song with at ease while driving. Her voice was very pleasing to the ears. Aside from singing, the actress also knows how to play the piano, guitar, and drums. And she's a model too! Just how much can this girl do?

Since there are a lot of versions uploaded on the net, her fans can't help but wish she can record the whole song and be included on these beautiful covers. Lee Sung Kyung may not be a singer by profession, but she surely can hit the notes and be at par with those in the industry.

Popular comments on her Instagram were the request of her fans to sing different songs that will showcase her talent. This isn't the first time Lee Sung Kyung had sang for her fans. She once opened the MBC Music Awards last 2015 singing Beyonce's hit song Love On Top. Just being able to pull off that song is not an easy feat. It requires excellent breath support, guts, and confidence in your voice to be able to pull that off completely. Seeing how she can manage to compel her fans into listening to her sweet yet powerful voice, one can't help but wish she'll release an album or song.

All in all, there's no doubt that Lee Sung Kyung is very much talented musically, and in so many crafts we can even imagine. Let's hope we can see more of her. Lee Sung Kyung is starring in the new Korean Movie "Girl Cops" which was released last May 9.


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