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Blackpink Lisa Just Uploaded a New LiliFilm Video and ChaeSoo Fans are Celebrating

By Staff Reporter | June 11, 2019 01:12 PM EDT

BLACKPINK Lisa, Jisoo and Jennie are included in the top 5 list of the Most Beautiful Woman in the World
(Photo : BlackPink)

Blackpink Lisa just uploaded an all-new video under her Youtube Account - LiliFilm Official and fans, especially the ChaeLisa shippers, can't get enough of it.

Lalisa Manoban, known for her love of photography and making films, started making videos and posted the very first one last November 5 of last year. Now, Lisa had multiple videos uploaded making yesterday's the fourth on the list.

The last video entitled "Lili's FILM #4 - BLACKPINK in CALIFORNIA had garnered a total of 2M views as of this writing,19 hours after uploading.

The video started with a beautiful view of Sta. Monica Beach until it transitioned to Lisa, showcasing her model physique. The girls must have enjoyed their very rare escaped as Jisoo and Lisa were seen being playful while taking photos of each other, enjoying the sunny California life that they can't always experience - having toured all around the world. It is such an excellent chance for the Kpop stars to be able to have time for themselves.

The video was filled with Jisoo clips that fans can't help but smile. Who wouldn't smile seeing Kim Jisoo?

The nice groove of Niki's hit song - Move, added up a very nice vibe to the video. Lisa has been known to enjoy Niki's music. She had promoted Niki's songs several times, and the social media even gushed over their meet up which Lisa also posted on her own Instagram.

After hitting the beach, the video shows BLACKPINK, except for Jennie, having the best days of their lives while visiting the Universal Studios Hollywood. Every Harry Potter fan must have been so envious! They get to try the very famous butterbeer while wandering around Hogsmeade, get to enjoy the chance to pick up their wands in Olivander's Store, and of course, enjoy all Harry Potter-themed rides!

The girls were also seen wearing each of their Hogwarts House gears, all wearing Gryffindor's signature red and gold colors themed outfits, from their lanyards, socks, to their robes! The girls were a head turner as a lot of bystanders kept on checking the girls out while they enjoy their visit.

Now all ChaeLisa fans can't help but gush over the video as it proves that Jisoo is Lisa's muse! Fans usually see JenLisa interactions, but ChaeLisa fans have won! Fans can't help but appreciate the video a lot more. Seeing how Lisa used a lot of clips of Jisoo, fans were relieved to know how Jisoo had so much fun in California despite getting sick after their Coachella performance! Her carefree and all smile photos say it all!

BLACKPINK recently the record for the Kpop group with the highest number of Youtube followers proving how immense their popularity is right now.

Although a lot of the fans must be wondering where Jennie was, and why she isn't with them in the Universal Studios in Hollywood, they were all glad to know that the girls were having fun despite their jam-packed schedule.


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