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K-Pop Idols Won at 14th Annual Soompi Awards

By Staff Reporter | June 10, 2019 08:20 PM EDT

(Photo : soompi)

Earlier March 2019, the mass voting for the 14th Annual Soompi Awards took place and every fandom of the nominated artists all did their best just to let their idols win; however, even if all of them gave their all in the online voting, there will only be 1 winner in every category.

After weeks of unconditional online voting of various fandoms, the winners were announced last Friday, May 31, through the Soompi App.

Even if the fandoms waited for a few months, it all became worth it when some of them saw their idols on the winner's list.

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Amongst all the idol groups that have been nominated in this year's Soompi Awards, some groups luckily won in numerous categories and one of these groups is BTS, which collected 8 category wins!

Ever since then, BTS has always been consistent in the Soompi Charts with their breakout song "Fake Love" last 2018, which stayed on the top chart for 6 consecutive weeks. This goal may seem impossible to achieve since there are plenty of newly-released songs every week that may join the charts, but ARMYs are known for their overflowing passion in supporting the group, so it became into a reality.

The power and legacy of Bangtan Boys is still on fire until now, especially when they repeatedly won the major awards namely "Artist of the Year", "Album of the Year", and "Best Male Group".

Another boy group that collected a lot of win for different categories is none other than, EXO! Their late comeback in 2018 with their 5th album entitled "Don't Mess Up My Tempo" and repackaged album "Love Shot" did not become a hindrance for them to lose their fame. This proves that EXO-Ls is still the strongest and bravest fandom out there.

The awards that EXO won as a group are "Latin America Popularity Award" and the "Twitter Best Fandom Award", which just proved to many people that they have the fame outside South Korea. Other awards given to EXO are the solo awards for Sehun in his Dokgo Rewind as the Best Idol Actor and D.O as the Actor of the Year in his lead K-drama entitled "100 Days My Prince".

Aside from these namja groups, there is an outstanding girl group that also received awards, which is Blackpink, and they also have been one of the consistent groups in the Soompi Music Chart since their debut. That's why there is no doubt that they won "Best Female Group" for the first time.

The Soompi Awards results may let the fandom and their idols be happy and proud, but it doesn't mean everything. What matters the most is the loyalty and unending support you give to your idols. Fighting!


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