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Lee Daehwi of AB6IX Finally Opens Up

By Staff Reporter | June 24, 2019 04:12 PM EDT

Lee Daehwi
(Photo : hollywoodlife)

Some people have difficulties with sharing their feelings to others. This feeling is more common with men rather than women. They are afraid to open up because they feel vulnerable. They wanted to show how strong they are on the outside, that is why they keep everything inside.

They choose only special people to trust. They think sharing their problem will not matter and will only bother people. They want to keep everything by themselves as long as possible. They also fear being judged and misunderstood by people. They do not want to hear negative comments because these can easily hurt their feelings. Remember that your family and friends will accept and understand you because they love you.

Recently, AB6IX filmed a Youtube video for Dingo Music. The members said that Daehwi does not reveal his feelings and tends to keep secrets. Daehwi confirmed this, "I'm bad at opening up about my feelings", he said. He explained that he pretends to be very confident, but he keeps a lot of secrets. He believes that sharing his feelings is not helpful, yet it can be used against him. It is a habit he learned during trainee days. He got no problem with the  AB6IX members because they are like family to him. He just doesn't know how to open up and how to break the habit.

He does not want to show his weakness to other people. He also brings up Wanna One, saying that they did so well and now AB6IX is expected to do well too. Members said that Daehwi always pressures himself to be the best, even though nobody else is pressuring him. With great pressure, he still chose not to open up. "I was in the team that loved by a lot of people and this new team is also anticipated by many. So I really have an obsession with doing well on the charts. No one tells me that I must succeed and be number 1. No one really gives me the pressure. It will be too harsh for all of us." Said Daehwi.

Daehwi said that the amount of pressure is very heavy and all of them know about it. People are not asking anything from them. The members felt sad over Daehwi not opening up. The fans of AB6IX are also wishing Daehwi will learn to open up slowly but they are trying to understand why he is like this.


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