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Onto the KPOP Express

By Staff Reporter | June 24, 2019 03:51 PM EDT

(Photo : allkpop)

Ever wondered why a lot of people are so enthralled with KPOP, especially the group idols? We live in an era where everything could be accessed through a good internet connection. As days go by, we become more aware of the recent happenings globally and one of the most commonly known phenomena is the KPOP scene. But why are people of any gender and age so drawn to the concept of Koreans singing and dancing on stage?

Music is a universal language. It unites a lot of people with different race and personalities all over the world. Even though KPOP is sung in Korean, people are easy to grasp the feeling or the meaning of the song without having to read the translation. KPOP singers tend to deliver their music soulfully. It's as if whenever you listen to it, you can also feel the pain or joy the singer is trying to portray in his or her songs. Other than this, KPOP also caters to every music genre, you have the pop, dance, ballad, hip-hop, indie, rock, literally everything. Whatever your music taste is, KPOP has definitely something for you. Not to mention the catchy phrases they include in their songs like "BLACKPINK in your area" or "iKON is coming to town!"                     

These KPOP singers are all also talented in dancing. Basically, they are all performers. Whenever they are on stage, you cannot help but scream or cheer for them because they all have a charisma a performer should have. It's kind of understandable that a lot of people go crazy for them every time they dominate the stage. I mean... have you seen their stage presence?               

Another thing that makes these KPOP idols special is their ability to create their own sound. A lot of these idols are self-produced meaning they create their songs from scratch all by themselves. This kind of thing lets their audience know more about their personalities and lives because the songs are a reflection of the hearts of the performers themselves. This also sets them aside from other groups because they get to showcase their own colors when they make their own music. A good example of a well-rounded and self-produced group is iKON. They even make their own choreographies which makes them stand out from the others because of a distinct style or swag only them possess.

Last but not the least, these KPOP idols are such eye candies. Their visuals are just ethereal that you'd fall in love at first sight. Their faces are literal works of art that you couldn't find any flaws in them. Whether its monolids or not, they could rock it effortlessly. You want the cute type attractive? The manly type? Chic style? They have it all here. It's such easy to watch a group of people who look beautiful in every angle and that is why people get attracted to this kind of concept easily. Who doesn't want a group of people who are all beautiful, talented, and has amazing personalities?    



This list could go on and on forever but one thing is for sure, there is nothing not to love about KPOP. It brings joy to many, gives inspiration to aspiring artists who want to be like them and a good entertainment to incorporate in your daily life. KPOP doesn't have any boring or dull moment so what are you waiting for? Come on in and jump into the KPOP express where we all celebrate talent and passion!


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