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How a BTS and BLACKPINK Collab Can Ruin the World

By Staff Reporter | June 15, 2019 04:18 PM EDT


In this generation where Korean groups are undeniably dominating the music world, sometimes we can't help to think about the peak of until how much can Kpop achieve, especially if we're talking about dominating even the Western market.

Recently, staffs from Billboard had chosen the top 50 songs of 2019, and it is not surprising that songs of BTS and BLACKPINK were both included. Kill this love and Boy with Love had broken a lot of records with them only passing trophies and titles with each other. Of course, this is all thanks to the fans of both groups, ARMY, and BLINKS who had gone high measures to show their love and support to their beloved idols.

Undisputedly, both groups are the reigning Kpop Superstars of their generations having broken multiple Youtube records through their Music Videos, a massive number of streams on Spotify, jaw-dropping numbers of Album Sales, and numerous awards from all awarding bodies all over the world.

All in all, both groups had proven how successful they are and how the world would follow them whatever they do and wherever they go. Now, with these two supergroups dominating the world music scene, many wonders what will happen if, crossed-fingers, they ever made a collab.

Just one song, one music video, even without a live performance, only one collaboration, how will the world handle that?

With BTS's latest Music Video having a total of 74.6 million official views and BLACKPINK's Kill this Love with 56.7 million official views in 24 hours, it's even unimaginable to even think about how both the fandoms could go for one single MV. Considering these numbers, a hundred million views in 24 hours isn't impossible. No one would even question the numbers, not even the famous removals of views that fans despise in Youtube can stop these dedicated fans.

Just imagine the number of albums they can sell, how the social media will explode, the number of streams the song can have, and how many roofs in Music charts can they hit?

They will break everything that people thought was unbreakable and we won't be ready for it. The world will never be ready.

One thing is for sure; if this ever happens, this group would break the internet. Expect the views to freeze, their entertainment agency to be in a panic, and not even the best engineers would be able to overcome the phenomenon.

That is if this collab will ever happen.


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