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11 Reasons Why BTS's Jin Truly Owned the Worldwide Handsome Title

By Staff Reporter | June 17, 2019 09:51 AM EDT

(Photo : allkpop)

All the members of BTS agree that Jin is extremely good-looking. Fans are calling Jin the "worldwide handsome" and there is no doubt about that. Everybody believes Jin is beautiful inside and outside. His qualities are almost perfect and these make girls go crazy for him. Here are 11 reasons why Jin is truly worldwide handsome.

1. Car Door Guy

This is Jin's one of the most memorable appearances on the Twitter trend. At the 2015 Melon Music Awards, fans started searching for the mysterious "Car Door Guy".

2. The true dance king

Jin proved that confidence can make you look better too! Since his debut, Seokjin's dancing has also improved. His sharp moves and powerful expressions will leave girls feeling breathless. The Army has nothing but praises and respect for Jin's dancing. They are proud of Jin's accomplishments.

3. Every interview in the States

We can see how confident Jin is in every interview. He happily declares how handsome he is. I will never get tired of hearing his favorite English line, "worldwide handsome".

4. When he sings "Epiphany"

Jin has more to give. It's not only about being good-looking. Jin can also sing! You will hear his angelic voice when he is performing his solo song "Epiphany".

5. When he smiles

Notice that when Jin is smiling and laughing, he closes his eyes. He wants to feel his happiness with all his heart. Jin is the softest and purest person ever!

6. The third one on the left

The worldwide handsome guy took over the United States. BTS created a lot of buzz on social media when they first arrived at the BBMAs in 2017. BTS had their shot in the red carpet and everyone noticed Jin, who was the third one on the left.

7. When his forehead is free

Jin's forehead is really charismatic. He can also rock his performance when his bangs do not cover his forehead.   

8. Jin in pink

Real men wear pink. Jin loves this color so much, that he keeps slaying every pink outfit. Do you remember when he dyed his hair pink for "Blood Sweat & Tears" promotions? He is totally cute in pink.

9. When he made Heechul flustered

Jin's charm can work not only in women but also with men. When BTS appeared on "Ask Us Anything", Jin winked at Heechul. And Heechul got so flustered with this beautiful man.

10. Jin's flying kiss

Jin likes sending his love for his fans by flying kisses. He is such a caring and sweet person.

11. When he did the heart event for Army

Jin is handsome and thoughtful for his fans. During their "Wings" tour, he prepared special heart events for different concerts.


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