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An Honest Review of Arthdal Chronicles Premiere

By Staff Reporter | June 12, 2019 11:42 AM EDT

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Here are the top 3 likes and hates for me.

1. I love the amazing cast!

Song Joong Ki, Jang Dong Gun, Kim Ji Won, and Kim Ok Bin are the main casts. You have to expect the best with these good actors. Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won belong to one tribe called Wahan. Song Joong Ki is an adopted member of the tribe. Then, Jan Dong Gun plays a war hero and leader of Saenyeok Tribe. He is the antagonist who wants to be the king of Arthdal. He will kill anyone who comes in his way. Kim Ok Bin plays the lover of Jan Dong Gun and the last survivor of Noeantal tribe. Strong casts will create strong characters.

2. I hate the beginning.

There are a lot of things going on at the beginning of the story. You need to follow every character and keep full attention at the story. You may rewind the scenes to understand the story more. You never want to miss an important scene. You will wait an hour and 18 minutes before you get to see Song Joong Ki. He will be always worth the wait.

3. I love the production value.

The setting and cinematography of this drama are built just like the movie. The castles will give you Game of Thrones feels, while the green sceneries will remind you of Peter Pan's Neverland. This Korean drama should be played on big screens.

4. I hate Jang Dong Gun's character.

Jang Dong Gun plays the role of Tagon. He is pure evil in the story and wants more power. The fans will dislike him for his black tactics just to be king. Tagon is a ruthless leader who does not know the meaning of mercy. He will make you root for Song Joong Ki more.

5. I love the romance part of the story.

Kim Ji Won and Song Joong Ki built unbelievable chemistry together. They flirt like best friends. They are so cute together. Kim Ji Won always defend Song Joong Ki's character.

6. I hate the attack on the Wahan Tribe.

The Wahan tribe is set for the Moon festival. Suddenly, Saenyeok tribe attacked their helpless people. The Wahan tribe do not have weapons and most of them died in the hands of merciless Saenyeok members. Some are captured as prisoners. This will lead you to your sensitive side. Bring some tissue with you!


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