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‘The Divine Fury,’ Starring Park Seo Joon and Woo Do Hwan, to Hit Theaters on July 31

By Staff Reporter | June 25, 2019 04:23 PM EDT

Park Seo Joon will be back on the big screen on July 31!
(Photo : Screengrab from YouTube)

Park Seo Joon will be back on the big screen on July 31! The sought-after actor, together with Hallyu star Woo Do Hwan, will headline the thriller-action film "The Divine Fury" -- the most anticipated movie this summer.

Written and directed by Jason Kim, the film will revolve around the story of Yong Hoo (Seo Joon), a mixed martial arts champ who will discover about his divine powers and subsequently use it to combat evil forces. 

Kim has previously worked with Seo Joon in the film, "Midnight Runners." 

According to the writer-director, this project will be "completely different" from the 2017 action comedy big-screen offering, which was actually Seo Joon's first ever leading role in a feature film. 

In a statement, the actor also noted that his role in the upcoming movie "has a different appeal from all the roles he has played so far." In earlier interviews, he revealed that he considers this movie as a breakthrough project for his acting career.

In "The Divine Fury," Seo Joon's character will be teaming up with veteran actor Ahn Sung Ki's, Father Ahn. The character is a priest, based in Vatican City, who specializes in exorcism. Together, they will set out on a mission to rise above the evils responsible for the many chaotic happenings in the world.

Do Hwan's character, on the other hand, will add another layer of mystery to the hotly-anticipated film. 

The actor will take on the role of Ji Shin, who is someone capable of exploiting others' weaknesses for his own sake. Known as the "Black Bishop," his character further uses this ability to spread evil.

For Do Hwan, being part of the movie is a great honor. In a press conference, he noted that he will do his best to give life to the character given to him.

Earlier in April and this month, suspenseful trailers have been released to build anticipation among eager audiences. In these videos, Seo Joon is seen discovering scars in his hand, leading up to him knowing about his power to help with exorcism. 

"The Divine Fury" commenced its production last August 2018.

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