Sunmi Becomes #1 Worldwide Trend For Her LGBT Support

Jun 26, 2019 10:15 AM EDT

2019 Sunmi the 1st World Tour Poster
(Photo : Sunmi)

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Sunmi topped the worldwide trend after commenting that she supports the LGBT community.

On June 4, the solo artist had a performance at Q-Factory in Amsterdam on her "Warning" world tour. While on stage, Sunmi was talking with his fans and said, "I have many sides of me. like dorky and LGBT." As soon as she stopped speaking, the crowd responded with loud cheers and showed excitement.

The singer then shouted, "LGBT Queen!" She kept going and said, "And a bright side of me, and a dark side of me." She added, "There are sides of me that I know very well, like what I have said. But there are also times when I don't recognize myself well, so I wonder other things about me."

Right after the event, Sunmi took the opportunity to make a post on Instagram, where she shared photos of her with the crowd and added a caption expressing how much she enjoyed her time with her fans. She also posted on Twitter about her comment regarding LGBT, confirming that she does support LGBT but stating, "..but don't get me, wrong guys."

In one of her posts, one of her fans left a comment saying that the fact that Sunmi supports them already means the world to the LGBT community. The fan then thanked the singer.

Sunmi clarified in a post that she is not LGBT, which made some fans disappointed. Though she is not gay, Miya-ne (Sunmi's official fan club name) still loves how she stood up for the LGBT community considering South Korea is known as a conservative country, and the taboo nature of discussing LGBT rights in the country's society and K-pop. And despite how it would probably get her a lot of negative comments from the netizens, Sunmi said what is in her heart.

Furthermore, a video of her comment made the rounds on the internet. Some fans believed that she came out while others think that the artist is publicly showing her support for the LGBT community.

Twitter has gone crazy at her big reveal. Sunmi received good and bad feedback from the people who saw her video online as not everyone would agree with everything. Also, her agency has not given any official comment about the incident yet.

Now that Sunmi has finished her show in Amsterdam, she will be on her way to her last two stops for her "Warning" world tour, which is at Huxley's Neue Welt in Berlin that is going to be held on June 6, and at La Cigale in Paris that will be on June 7.


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