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SM Stans Looked Forward to the Tentative Schedule of SM's Major Artists

By Staff Reporter | June 27, 2019 02:54 PM EDT

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The Mirae Asset Daewoo Research Center is one of the milestones and services of Mirae Asset Financial Group. As the company was founded by Hyeon Joo Park in 1997, it created a lot of impact on South Korea and its neighboring countries through financial services such as wealth management, investment, life insurance, and research studies. With this, they are undeniably the biggest investment bank and most trusted asset manager in South Korea.

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What's interesting about this research company is that it doesn't just settle and research on the political field, but also to the entertainment (or K-pop) aspect as well. With their researches, they mostly tackle about a certain group's album sales, the company's net income for a certain year, and of course, the tentative schedule of the major artist in a certain agency.

Fortunately, one of the researches they conducted is about the tentative schedules for SM Entertainment's major artists.



Though it may still be based on assumptions and only a tentative schedule, it still made most of the SM fans happy about it, especially when they saw their idols "possible" events in the future. Also, the Mirae Daewoo Research Center is a trusted company in South Korea, so the fans assured the results of the research is based on valid and reliable data and sources.

As per the result of their research, it obviously includes a lot of EXO events with new sub-units, albums, and tours, considering that they haven't been in much TV shows appearance for the first semester of 2019. Another group that fans will be expecting is NCT's first-ever South East Asian tour on August and a brand new mini-album on October, but what's exciting to know is that which NCT units will be doing these?

The only girl group of SM Entertainment, Red Velvet, will also be expecting a comeback in July, even though it has been officially announced that it will be on the 19th of June. Aside from that, the senior groups like Super Junior and TVXQ are planned to release albums and tours. Lastly, the soloists like SHINee's Taemin and TVXQ's Yunho will also be expected to produce an album and tours.

SM stans, brave yourselves (mentally and financially) for your idols will surely make an awesome 2019 for all of you!


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