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BoA's New Single "Feedback"

By Mirachelle Joya | July 03, 2019 04:59 PM EDT

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BoA's fans, or the Jumping BoA, expressed their anger and disappointment with SM Entertainment due to the delay of the release of her newest single "Feedback" MV.

Since fans are known as loyal and true to their idols, most of them are too aggressive and impulsive on their feelings, especially when they thought that the company is dragging their idols down. During these situations, they rant on social media and keep on telling bad things about the agency's system.

This kind of scenario is rampant in the K-pop world and this doesn't just happen to a single company, but to all of them. One of the most recent examples of this chaos is when jumping BoA (the fans of BoA) expressed their upset feelings on Twitter to SM Entertainment's official page.

Kwon Bo-ah, or more popularly known as BoA, is one of the artists of SM Entertainment. She has been coined as the "Queen of K-pop" after having a successful career in the industry since her debut in 2000. Even if the K-pop genre is still not that popular as today, she still managed to produce a total of 19 albums which composed of different languages such as Korean, Japanese, and English.

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Even after almost two decades in the entertainment world, BoA is still continuing her legacy by producing new songs and albums. Not so long ago, SM's official YouTube channel released the teaser of her newest single entitled "Feedback".

With the release of her MV teaser for "Feedback", it is also stated that the full music video will be up on the channel by June 4th, 6 PM KST. As expected, BoA's fans are uniting as they'll once again see their idol performing a new song and keep on hoping that the release date and time will go faster.

A day has passed by and it's already 6 PM, but there is no "Feedback" MV showing up on SM's YouTube channel. Due to the delay of upload time, BoA's fans started to rant on Twitter and keep on asking the company on why is the music video still not uploaded.

After waiting for a few hours, SM finally uploaded it at exactly 8:30 PM KST. Though fans are happy about the results of the MV, they weren't still contented since SM didn't release any apologies or notice towards them.

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Support BoA on her new single by watching her MV on SMTOWN YouTube Channel!


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