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Five Things We Loved About #KWMF2019 In Manila

By Mirachelle Joya | July 03, 2019 08:34 PM EDT

KWMF 2019
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Sunday night was definitely a night to remember, especially for Filipino K-Pop fans. 

That's because they got to see NCT 127, Red Velvet, Elris, and Kim Dong Han in a star-studded concert at the Mall of Asia Arena. 

K-Pop World Music Festival 2019 brought all these artists together for a one night only concert 

The concert was an obvious success. Fans of all artists came and united to cheer on for all the performers and guests. 

While there is a lot to talk about the concert last Sunday night, here are five highlights from #KWMF2019 that may (or may not) heal your FOMO (fear of missing out). 


Korean but with a Filipino heart, Ryan Bang was the concert's official host. Not only did he made sure that the concert will run smoothly, but he also served as the bridge between the performers and the fans as their translator. He didn't just translate the idols' words directly, he added a few jokes along the way, too! He even made Red Velvet's Irene laugh out loud, too! (Good job on that, Ryan). He definitely made everyone, from the performers to the fans, welcome at the concert. 


We all know that Philippine's Megastar, Sharon Cuneta, is one of the newly converted K-Pop fans today. And she proved how much of an NCTZEN she was at the concert! 

Away from the stage, and wearing her personalized "NCTZEN Momma" shirt, Sharon Cuneta screamed to her heart's content when NCT 127 came on stage. And thanks to Ryan Bang and her friend, Vice Ganda, she and her daughter got a chance to meet and take a photo with the boys. Talk about a lucky NCTZEN. 


While most of the concert-goers had either an NCT 127 or Red Velvet light sticks in their hands. All of the performers received equal love and support from the fans through singing along to the songs, and even cheering them on throughout the performance. 

A heartwarming moment during #KWMF2019 was when ELRIS performed only with four members because one of their members, Bella, suffered an injury prior to the concert. When she came out for the interview and apologized for not being able to perform, all of the fans cheered her on and said it was okay. 


It's no doubt that NCT 127 was one of the highlights of the concert. When their first song came out, which was "Firetruck", all of the fans were up on their feet and were singing along with the group. At first look, NCT 127 didn't look like they flew from Incheon to Manila on the day itself because they were so full of energy and interacted with their fans well. They even promised to be back soon! (Perhaps, NEO City in Manila?) 


When Red Velvet came on stage, the screams of the fans were so unimaginable, you almost couldn't hear the ladies singing! Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri were obviously surprised over the overwhelming support from their Filipino Reveluvs. The fans even got to chant "Solo Con!!!", requesting a Red Velvet solo concert in Manila. Red Velvet really ended the night on such a high note for all K-Pop fans present that night. 


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