WINNER Airs Special V Live Broadcast to Celebrate 5th Anniversary

It’s been five years since Mino, Jin Woo, Seung Hoon, and Seung Yoon first made K-pop enthusiasts hearts full! Since they entered the music scene with their debut single “Empty,” WINNER has been blessing their fans, a.k.a. Inner Circles, with intoxicating music and electrifying performances.

And on their fifth anniversary last August 14, they made sure to warm their supporters’ hearts through a special V Live broadcast commemorating their most recent milestone.

In this broadcast, the K-pop stars went mellow and delivered touching retrospective and hopeful messages about their journey.

Jin Woo, the eldest among the gents, thanked fans for being there with them for the past years, citing that “it’s hard to like one thing for five years.”

“May it be a thing or a person, it’s a wonderful thing to like and care for something for that long a time… I am deeply grateful to our fans who’ve been keeping on doing this wonderful thing for us,” he added.

In retrospect, Seung Hoon noted that a lot of things have already changed -- from their styles and looks and personalities. Nonetheless, one thing will remain: that is their love and appreciation for their fans.

Rapper Mino shared the same sentiment, telling everyone how feels so great to celebrate their five years of being together in such “good times like this.” During their commemoration, they shared a hearty meal and an anniversary cake.

Leader Seung Yoon, on the other hand, shared his realization about what keeps him motivated to pursue his passion.

“During your debut days, you have that dream to succeed and get first place. You have all these big goals. But now, I simply want to keep doing things together and I’m thankful to everyone who helped me realize this,” he remarked.

WINNER was formed by YG Entertainment, with the members selected from the agency’s own survival show “WIN: Who Is Next.” Winning accolades such as “Best New Artist” from the 2014 Golden Disc Awards, they have two studio albums and numerous sold-out shows and tours under their belt.

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