Girls' Generation Yoona Posts "Heart Video" with Co-star Jo Jung Suk

Yoona and Jo Jung Suk expressed their gratitude to fans for the constant success of "Exit."

The clip was made to celebrate the Korean movie "Exit" for garnering a total admission of seven million, just eighteen days after its release. Aside from the video, Yoona also posted a cute photo of her with Jo Jung Suk, and wrote, "EXIT, thank you for the 7 million." Because of this achievement, "Exit" has been one of this summer's must-watch blockbusters.

"Exit" is an action comedy film, with Lee Sang-Geun as the director and Jo Jung Suk and Im Yoon-Ah as the lead characters. Jung Suk plays the role of one of the best rock climbers in college, named Yong-Nam. For many years, he failed to find a job and had no choice but to depend on his parents just to survive.

To celebrate his mother's 70th birthday, he insisted on holding a party at Dream Garden as his old crush, which is Ui-Joo (Yoona) works there as an assistant manager. Back in their school days, both Yong-Nam and Ui-Joo were part of the rock climbing club in a university. Yong-Nam confessed to Ui-Joo about his feelings for her, but he was rejected. But he didn't lose his love for Ui-Joo. Suddenly, one of the districts in Seoul was entirely covered with mysterious white gas, and so Yong-Nam and Ui-Joo were able to use their climbing skills to save everyone.

The filming of the movie kicked off on August 4, 2018, and was finished the same year on December 12. It was then released in South Korea on July 31, 2019. Aside from S.K., the film was also sold to 24 countries, such as Los Angeles, United States, Canada, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Cambodian, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. For countries like the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Macau, Myanmar, and Turkey, the launching of the movie is yet to be announced.

Congratulations to Yoona and Jung Suk for such an achievement with their movie "Exit"!



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