K-Tigers Zero Drops 1st Teaser Photo for Debut Offering

A new co-ed K-pop group will soon hit the South Korean music scene!

Ahead of their September 19 debut, 12-piece K-Tigers Zero have dropped their first-ever teaser photo, featuring the K-pop rookies in an all-white ensemble at a scenic beach setting.

The outfit, formed by K-Tigers Entertainment, is composed of Oh Hyeongkyun, Na Taejoo, Lee Gangmin, Jang Junhee, Ha Sungjin, Kang Gunwoo, Taemi, Park Yiseul, Jung Yunji, Kim Youjin, Mindy, and Byun Hyunmin -- a former Produce 101 Season 2 contender, who became part of the project group RAINZ.

The group has seven males and five females in total.

Proving to be a multi-talented bunch of rising stars, K-pop Tigers boast of members who are not only into singing, dancing, and rapping but are also bona fide taekwondo athletes.

In a previous statement by an agency representative, it was revealed that the “co-ed group [is] made up of the world’s top Taekwondo members.”

“[They will be debuting this September and will make their mark as a multi-talented group capable of anything -- from singing rap, dance, producing to choreography.”

Shortly after their debut, K-Tigers Zero is flying off to North America for “K-Tigers Zero Live Show World Tour 2019” -- which will serve as their first world tour.

K-Tigers Entertainment is a company established by K-Tigers. This group specialized in taekwondo demonstration and in incorporating routines from the said martial art to K-pop choreographies.

Their venture into the music scene is part of their plans to diversify and expand their business.

Earlier this May, the agency has signed Min (formerly of Miss A) as one of their talents. The K-pop idol first debuted in 2015 under industry giant JYP Entertainment. She left the company in November 2017.

With their launch, K-Tigers Zero will now be labelmates with the talented K-pop star.

Are you looking forward to this co-ed group’s debut? Share your thoughts with us below!



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