Controversial Ex-Trainee Han Seo Hee Admits She’s Dating Jung Da Eun

Han Seo Hee
(Photo : Twitter)

Jung Da Eun, who is a former ulzzang and is known for her previous appearance on the ComedyTV's "Ullzzang Generation 7," added, "You said to wink if we were dating, and I winked. You said to blink twice if we were dating, and I blinked twice."

The couple was previously spotted together in photographs of their vacation in Vietnam that circulated on the web. A snap of Jung Da Eun tying a yet-to-be known woman's shoelaces was also disseminated online, along with the caption: "I see the effort, but that's it. I'm not going to fall for you. Sorry, unni."

On Instagram, Han Seo Hee also made further efforts to deny this dating speculation. About the one photo where Jung Da Eun was tying someone else's shoelaces, she explained, "It's true Jung Da Eun unni and I know each other, but we're not dating at all. I've never even met Jung Da Eun unni in Seoul. She was an unni I knew when I was 20 years old. I'm not sure why I was tagged in that photo. I was caught off guard."

And as for their vacation photos, she said, "I understand what you all want, but we're not in that sort of relationship at all. Please stop connecting us."

Earlier, Han Seo Hee also quashed the rumor that Jung Da Eun is a transgender man. Reports from 2016, however, disclosed that the latter has been in an ongoing process of transitioning from being a female to become a man. Han Seo Hee then again made an explanation about this subject matter by saying, "She's living as Jung Da Eun, and she's a woman living with a woman's body. She's not transgender."

Han Seo Hee's name was dragged into a controversy after claims surfaced that she was involved in Big Bang's T.O.P.'s marijuana issue, as well as in B.I.'s drug issue. However, when a news outlet reached out to ask the prosecutors about the connection, the investigation results, and the context on Han Seo Hee and Seungri, their response was:

"Due to the law on Publication of Facts of Suspected Crime, we cannot reveal this. Suwon District Prosecutor's Office will be releasing a statement." 



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