8 Skincare Points from Korean Stars for a Flawless Skin

Skin Care
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Below are the skincare Korean Stars used to achieve their almost perfect skin.

  1. The 424 Approach

Singer/actress Bae Suzy uses this kind of method to make sure that her face is free from any dirt and makeup. The 424 way is actually: four minutes of spreading oil all over the face; next are two minutes of rubbing foam cleanser, and then washing with water for four minutes.

2. Applying Facial Oil

While some of us don't consider using oil products, Girls' Generation's Seohyun is a fan of it. She puts on a facial oil directly after she washes her face as she believes that it can trap moisture.

3. Regular Moisturization

Han Ji Won is really into moisturizing her skin. The Korean actress would never want to let her skin dry for more than three seconds. The moment she finishes cleaning her face, she puts on a jelly pack from J-one, her own skincare brand, to bring back the moisture to her face.

4. Make Your Own Face Mask

Even though actress Song Hye Kyo promotes skincare brands, she still has her own mask, which she made herself at home. She shared a few of the recipes she follows: mixing egg whites with honey or combining honey with water. According to Song Hye Kyo, this recipe is effective in reducing fine lines and brightening the skin.

5. Drinking Enough Water

We are aware that drinking water is beneficial for our health and our skin. Song Ji Eun from the female group Secret is fond of consuming water as her means to maintain a glowing complexion. She sees to it that she drinks three to four liters of water every day. Ji Eun even shared that she feels different if she was unable to drink water for a long time.

6. Balanced Diet

Several K-pop idols find a healthy diet helps in keeping a gorgeous skin. Girl's Day Minah says that eating cooked tomatoes is the best way to improve your skin. While INFINTE's Sungyeol includes lettuce concentrate on his meal, B1A4's Baro avoids consuming oily food that can cause acne breakouts.

7. Wash Face Using Milk

If you're wondering how Song Joong Ki retains a fair and smooth-looking skin, this is his secret. The actor reveals that every night, he washes his face with milk.

8. Consider the Basics

Song Ji Hyo is all about the basics when it comes to taking care of her skin. She notes that she gets enough sleep, and does her cleansing right. She also prefers applying a little makeup.

Follow these skincare tips and attain a Korean-like skin.



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