Some Reasons Why BTS is More Popular Compared to EXO

BTS was named "Top Duo/Group" during the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.
(Photo : YouTube/Billboard Music Awards)

Of course, almost all of us know that EXO and BTS is one of the most popular and successful Korean boy groups. There is also no doubt about that because of their sold-out live performances and music videos which are always garnering millions of views. But we wonder, who really holds the most popular title and the reason behind it. 

But some fans were saying that BTS is more popular in the world while EXO is more popular in South Korea. Because of that, we garnered the things that can compare between the two popular boy bands.

Firstly, the two groups were managed by different management companies. The largest entertainment in South Korea, SM entertainment, was working with EXO while Bit Hit Entertainment works with BTS. Some may think that EXO was a group of good-guys-gone-bad which their lyrics and styles in music reflect on their personalities while BTS is formed by a small company and a group of underdogs.

Secondly, EXO is considered to be the most popular K-Pop group in Korea and received the title 'The Nation's Pick.' EXO even represented South Korea in Pyeonchang Olympics 2018 and one of the members of EXO, Baekhyun sings the National Anthem for the Olympics. When it comes to music, they are more concentrated and focused on getting an audience in China and South Korea. Not only that, but EXO was also feisty, sexy, kind, and cute which attracted many girls.

On the other hand, BTS wanted to venture and know more about their styles when it comes to music. Most of the Bangtan Boys which include Suga and RM was working on having their lyrics which can help the people who listen to it knows their emotions and personalities through their music. BTS is also recognized as one of the most successful boy bands in the whole world. They already have a collaboration with some popular musicians in the United States such as Steve Aoki, Charli XCX, Halsey, and many more.

Lastly, when it comes to their nominations and awards, BTS is considered to be the first K-Pop group to get an award at the Grammys. Their music video for Boy With Luv even breaks the YouTube record which they beat popular celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande. Not only that, because BTS will have their solo show in Saudi Arabia at King Fahd International Stadium which will occur this fall.

However, EXO and BTS are still dominating the music charts, earning almost the top trending videos on YouTube. BTS' Boy With Luv garnered around 500 million views on YouTube while EXO's Monster earned more than 300 million views.



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