Top 10 Diet Secrets of K-Pop Idols

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Let us have a look at a few of the diet plans K-pop idols take.

  1. Protein Chips and Teas

GFRIEND's Umji has recently shocked everyone with her transformation after her weight loss. In an interview, the group maknae revealed her weight loss journey. She said that aside from working out, protein chips and teas also work for her, such as Pu'er tea, hibiscus, and tangerine peel tea, which will help maintain your appetite under control.

2. Chicken breasts

Seolhyun from girl band AOA is also one of the idols which left the public in awe at her change in physical appearance. What helped her achieve that perfect, glam figure is through eating 1 to 2 chicken breasts per male together with fruits and vegetables.

3. Fruits, Vegetables, Protein Drinks

Singer IU is among the Korean celebrities with bodies that make everyone jealous. She shared that the diet that worked for her is consuming fruits and vegetables, as well as plenty of protein. IU unveiled that she would have potatoes, apples, and protein drinks per day. She would eat these three foods in three separate meals.

4. Tofu

Super Junior's Heechul follows a diet plan that involves eating lots of tofu that will help you lose more than 15 pounds in only two weeks. Tofu contains abundant protein and other nutrients that can quickly make you full, although it consists of very few calories.

5. Lemon Detox

Red Velvet's Wendy received a lot of attention when she lost her baby fats and retained her slender body shape. According to the singer, she tried several extreme food diets, and one of those is Lemon Detox. This diet is about drinking herbal tea brewed with lemon.

6. Tomatoes

Park Boram is known for her strictly tomato-only diet, which she takes to lose weight as quickly as possible. Tomatoes are very nutritious, and fruit/vegetable-only intake is excellent for the body and digestive system.

7. Sweet Potatoes

Girls' Generation's Seolhyun is known for her love for sweet potatoes. This food can fill you up even though it contains a low amount of calories. Sweet potatoes are also high in vitamin E which is useful in improving the blood flow.

8. Salad with Lentil Beans and Fruits

Salad is the most preferred food when it comes to losing weight. But aside from only eating vegetables, B1A4 complements his salad with lentil beans and fruits, which results in an incredible 20-pound loss.

9. Detox Juice

B.A.P.'s Himchan introduced the "detox juice" as his secret diet, which eventually went viral and famous as a weight-loss strategy in Korea. In a radio show, the male artist shared that he drinks the fruit-and-vegetable blend three times per day for three days.

10. Cucumber

Former SISTAR member Dasom unveiled that when she wants to lose weight, she will go for a "one food diet" to get rid of more than 20 pounds in three weeks. And that one food she prefers is a cucumber. Cucumber is very low in calories and generally contains water, plus it has calcium that helps in the excretion of waste.

Have you tried any of these diet plans? Let us know in the comments below!



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