Kpop Fashion 101: Your Complete Guide to Looking Like a Kpop Idol

Kpop Fashion 101: Your Complete Guide to Looking Like a Kpop Idol
(Photo : Kpop Fashion 101: Your Complete Guide to Looking Like a Kpop Idol)

So, you want to go for a K-pop look but aren't exactly sure how to pull it off without looking silly. Well, once you know the lastest K-pop fashion tips and tricks, you'll realize that the style itself isn't all that complicated to master!

The key to K-pop fashion is having fun, and being bright and colorful, which makes it a great look for everyday use. And once you have a few basic items, you can mix and match everything to create multiple outfits that not only look great but are practical, too. 

So what are the must-have items to pull off the K-pop look and make it work for you? And what are some items that you may already have lying around the house that are K-pop? If you're asking yourself these kinds of questions, wonder no longer, because we're here to help!

In this article, we'll give you a few must-know K-pop fashion pointers, that way you can try something new and expand your fashion horizon. Now then, let's get started!

Stock Up on Lots of Plaid

If there's one particular pattern that you need to have to complete your k-pop outfit, it's plaid. Everything from plaid shirts to plaid skirts and stockings will work, so if you have something around the house that fits the bill, feel free to try it out. 

And if you don't already have a ton of plaid lying around the house, stock up quick, because, without it, you can't execute a k-pop look correctly. 

Look for Pastel Colors (and Black)

When looking for various items for your outfit, you going to want to stick with bright pastel colors, as well as black. K-pop outfits can't be very loud color-wise, so you're going to want to make sure you have a few fun items in your closet, should you choose to go that route.

With that being said, feel free to go as dark as you want, specifically using the color black to do so. A good rule of thumb? A lot of black with a little bit of color goes a long way in helping you look like a K-pop superstar! 

Dye Your Hair a Crazy Color

Speaking of crazy pastel colors, if you want, feel free to die your hair a bright color of your choosing. This is a great way to get a splash of color in every outfit without having to wear a lot of loud or bright clothing items. And who doesn't love having cool colorful hair?

If you do decide to get your hair dyed, be sure to utilize proper care techniques so that the color will last for a longer period of time. That way you can enjoy having cool hair for longer!

Rock Retro Band T-Shirts

Like most popular, casual fashion trends, t-shirts play a huge part in the K-pop style. But knowing what kind of t-shirt to get specifically can go a long way in making your look authentic. 

If you don't have any retro band t-shirts in your closet already, visit your local thrift store and pick some up. That, combined with retro t-shirts (think '90s era) can be a huge focal point in every outfit you wear.

Stick with Skinny Jeans and Miniskirts

To no surprise, skinny jeans are without a doubt the most common type of bottoms to wear with this look. With that in mind, don't be afraid to have a little fun and find some colorful jeans, or maybe even black leather pants, to spice things up.

Short skirts are a popular choice as well and give you a bit more creative freedom with the rest of your outfit. And if you've watched any K-pop videos lately, you'll notice that plaid skirts, in particular, are quite popular right now. 

Wear Knee-High Stockings and Fishnets

If you do decide to go the miniskirt route, pair those with knee-high socks and fishnet stockings. Remember, you can have fun color-wise with these choices, or go all black, it's up to you.

As far as shoes are concerned, wedge sneakers and wedge sandals are the most popular choices. You can learn about wedge sandals, and how to use them with your outfits, by doing a bit of research and looking at pictures of K-pop stars online.

Accessorize with Mini Backpacks

Last but not least, it's important that you pair every single look with a few fun accessories to help tie everything together. Again, this is a good area to have some fun with some color, especially if your outfit is on the darker side.

Mini backpacks, in particular, are a hot item and a great way to add a little something extra while also being practical. Studded belts and choker necklaces are popular too, and again, give you some creative freedom to make an outfit more unique to you.

A Basic Guide to K-Pop Fashion Trends

Well, there you have it! Those are just a few basic K-pop fashion tips and tricks that you can use to make the look work for you!

Remember, above all else, have fun, and try to pick out items that you think look the best. Don't be afraid to be bright and colorful, or stick with dark colors, if that's more your style.

Plaid, pastel colors and black are a huge part of making the K-pop aesthetic. Accessories play a huge part, too, and shouldn't be overlooked.

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