EXO Videos To Watch From 2012 Onwards To Understand EXO's Concept

"K-pop Kings" EXO is about to make their return on the 27th and we're all on the edge of our seats, not only because of the new music that will definitely bless our eyes and ears but also the expected continuation of their love. Many already know that the group has been following their concept as supernatural beings from another planet since their debut in 2012, but the number of intrigued stans on Twitterverse has been growing rapidly ever since the group announced their upcoming comeback "Obsession."  

If you belong to this crowd who aren't well-versed about EXO's concept, or overall new to K-pop, allow us to provide you music videos and VCRs below to get a hunch on the group's story flow. Bear in mind though that the ones we'll be laying out for you are not in order, which in fact, even EXO-Ls themselves haven't pieced together as well. Also, take note that what we're going to tell you are solely based on most probable theories.

1. "MAMA" (2012)

While this debut track doesn't work for everyone, the lyrics and the music videos (Korean and Chinese version) depict the beginning of EXO. Its Gregorian sound suits the scenes wherein the EXO members are looking up as if there's a much larger and powerful entity in the sky. A narration begins playing first before the song, detailing how the 12 legends (EXO was formerly 12) "reunited". Spoiler: It's because the evil "Red Force" destroyed the "Tree of Life" and captured its heart, and EXO's unison will once again "purify" the world. Another spoiler: A few cuts resemble EXO's concept trailer for "Obsession."

2. "What Is Love" (2012)

Okay, so this may be a love song (the Korean version is performed by Baekhyun and D.O. and the Chinese version is sung by Chen and former member Lu Han) but the music video intercuts show some members coming across another member as the eclipse occurs before their eyes. Chanyeol, on the other hand, finds a book with the members' superpower logos sketched on the pages.

3. "Overdose" (2013)

Separately trapped inside a huge maze and desperate to get out, the EXO members attempt to use their superpowers to escape but to no avail. The only one who isn't held captive is Kai whose power is teleportation. He hesitates for a few seconds, but proceeds to go inside, probably to get his members out. In the latter part of the music video, he sees a white light residing in the middlemost part of the maze. Then, he smiles. Who knows what it could be? A portal, perhaps?

4. "Lucky One" (2016)

Look closely as you watch this music video. The members' white outfits are the same as what they were wearing in "Overdose". But in "Lucky One," the boys are seen inside a lab. Some theories claim that they were captured by the Red Force and experimented on them to replicate their superpowers: thus, their clones are created. It was not clear though whether the group found their way out, but they all got to use their powers that made the stoic-faced nurses' heads explode.

5. "Monster" (2016)

The title track of EXO's third album, Ex'Act, goes with the dark concept, showing anarchy as brawls ensued between the members and armed men, who we suspect are underlings of the Red Force. The nine members are seen bruised and wounded due to the pandemonium, and they are seen handcuffed - captured - by the evil force. One scene of them resembles "The Last Supper", which occurred before Jesus Christ was tortured.

6. "Ko Ko Bop" (2017)

Chanyeol explained that Ko Ko Bop shows the time that they arrived on earth. Since they are from another planet, the music video shows that they are getting accustomed to how life is lived in the world. There are also theories that say Ko Ko Bop is before the actual war: thus, the title of their fourth album "The War." However, some also theorized that they were drugged while being experimented, and Ko Ko Bop is the world they descended to.

7. "Power" (2017)

At the beginning of Power music video is a narration similar to MAMA, but this time, the Red Force already imbrued the two divided worlds that caused a rip in space and time. The narrator, in an amusing way, attempted to enter a realm but ended up entering multiverses initially. According to yet another theory, the EXO members in Power are actually the clones being trained to obtain orbs that hold the same powers as the original EXO members. Baekhyun's orb was unavailable though for whatever reason, and he ended up falling into the sea as "Sweet Lies" plays in the background. In the comic version, he is quoted saying, "Something has been wrong since the beginning."

8. "Tempo" (2018)

Tempo shows the eight members inside a cube while a mysterious helmet-wearing guy, who they obviously cannot see, walks around as if monitoring them. But one of EXO-Ls' theories states that the real EXOs were the ones trapped in a white cubicle seen behind the boys. Others say that those are another lineup of clones as the Red Force is trying to find the most perfect replica of EXO from the main universe.

9. "Love Shot" (2018)

It is guessed that Baekhyun is the spy among the X-EXOs (clones) whilst Chen is the spy among the main EXOs, and this is why in Love Shot, the boys don't even know who to shoot (or trust). As stated in the EXplOration VCR, Baekhyun has power over light, which could also mean that he can beat the speed of light. Hence, he can travel through time and multiverses.

10. "Obsession" (2019, coming soon)

We know you might be feeling robbed with this last one, but Obsession is the continuation and most probably the answer to our ongoing curiosity as to what happened to Baekhyun next after he was left in the middle of the ocean, or who these clones are and where the heck they came from.
As to Lay, there is a clever theory that says he is being kept away by the Red Force from his members because he could not be cloned due to his power (healing). Instead, he's being used because he's immune to genetic manipulation and can replicate superpowers. 



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