MOMOLAND's Daisy Speaks About Rigged Result Of Momoland's Debut "Finding Momoland"

MOMOLAND's Daisy Speaks On the Rigged Result of Momoland's Debut "Finding Momoland"
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Girl group, MOMOLAND's Daisy, was at odds with the agency, claimed publicly that the survival program that gave birth to Momoland was rigged.

The alleged rigging of the votes over the group's Momoland led to a battle of truth between one of MOMOLAND members, Daisy and her agency, MLD Entertainment. In an interview with KBS on Monday, MOMOLAND member Daisy claimed that her Mnet audition show "Finding Momoland," which she made her debut, deceived the viewers. In an interview with KBS, which aired on the 7th of January, Daisy was designated as a member of "Finding Momoland" regardless of the outcome of the survival.

"Finding Momoland," which aired in July 2017 and ended on the 16th of September, is an audition program for an agency that features trainees competing for the debut of a new group for Double Kick Entertainment, which has now rebranded to MLD Entertainment. 

The selection of the final members of MOMOLAND is made up of 60 percent of the producers' screening, 20 percent of the online voting, and 20 percent of the audience voting on the final stage, which is claimed by MNet and its agency which appeared that they have effectively manipulated the votings. 

She also said in the waiting room after the final episode of the program that an official from the agency said, "There is something set up and don't be discouraged because there are plans for you in the future."

Daisy said she was dropped from "Finding Momoland" but was offered to join Momoland by her agency on the day the final member was chosen. "We were planning to join Momoland regardless of the escape," the people from the agency said. "A company official told me not to worry about me because they have a plan." Also, Daisy said the agency paid Momoland's Memorandum tens of millions of won to make the program be pushed through.

MNet and its agency refuted the claim, and her agency, MLD Entertainment, flatly denied that there were any vote rigging or irregularities in the process of selecting members. Mnet attributed the blame to its agency, saying that the program produced by MLD Entertainment only drew up the plan. 

"At the time, we had to recruit 3,000 viewers to make our debut, but our debut itself failed because we failed to meet the conditions," the agency said. "That's why the word fabrication is nonsense." The agency countered that Daisy's mother has been making constant threats and that the debut process was also a matter discussed by the members.

"The part about where Daisy is joining was terminated, but the CEO said he would want to see Daisy's potential and authorize her to stay as a trainee," he said. "The settlement of the program's production costs was also decided based on the agreement between the members and their parents.'" Daisy also contradicted that she agreed at the time of joining.

"Daisy's mother had threatened the company several times since last year and took such malicious actions when she refused to comply," he said. "There is evidence to be rebutted, and we will take active action soon with legal procedures."

Daisy has reportedly temporarily suspended her activities since February and has been in talks with her agency on the team's re-integration so far. MOMOLAND has been reorganizing its team into a six-member group and continuing its new album activities on the 30th of January, excluding Daisy as well as Yeonwoo and Taeha, who left the group.



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