All About Kang Daniel’s Battle Against Depression: Possible Return this 2020

All About Kang Daniel’s Battle Against Depression: Possible Return this 2020
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Kang Daniel, who was popularly known as a member of the former K-pop idol group Wanna One, is potentially coming back to the Music industry after going through a lot last year, 2019. 

Last December, the rising solo artist has decided to take a break from the crowd after being diagnosed with depression and panic attacks, which is mainly caused by stress brought by the malicious and negative comments he received from the netizens. 

Just after releasing his single, Touchin', his own record label Konnect Entertainment has confirmed that CEO Kang Daniel schedules will be put on hold to receive proper treatment and get enough rest. 

"During the first half of the year (2019), Kang Daniel was diagnosed with depression and panic attacks after undergoing thorough examinations. The examination was conducted after (Kang Daniel)'s poor health [...], and we have concluded that our artist's health and stability is our first priority."

The mental health of the idol had become severe after gaining pressure from the crowd. Kang Daniel also got malicious comments after the disbandment of Wanna One, wherein fans were disappointed in him after breaking his promise that he will meet the members once a year, adding up the hate comments he received from some netizens after his confirming his dating relationship with TWICE member and leader Jihyo. 

The solo artist had initially sought help from the netizens when he uploaded a post through his fan café account, begging someone to help and save him. He shared about his current mental and physical state, after being thrown by false rumors and unpleasant comments. 

With a post title. 'Seriously, I am...', Kang Daniel wrote, "It is so tiring, it is really tiring. How could this be so difficult? It is just too hard. SOMEONE, PLEASE SAVE ME."

Some of the hate comments he received were about his dating confirmation instead of improving his "lack" of skills and talents, being a "social climber," and some even make fun of everything that he does, turning it into something that will make him look bad. In addition to this, he was also being mocked as a two-faced idol, a sweet and innocent in front but wild behind the camera.  

Netizens, especially his supporters, had comforted him with cheering messages. Still, some people eventually expressed their disgust to them for supporting Kang Daniel. 

"The photos of myself kneeling during the closing of Wanna One's concert and the emotions I felt that time had become a weapon to mock me. How they edit everything about me to make me look bad,how the music and performances that I treasure are being thrown away like trash, how the fans that I love are being ridiculed [for supporting me], How my family is getting cursed instead of myself

 Everything is just too difficult, the fact that me myself, is too difficult as well."

Kang Daniel, indeed, faced several hardships, and even him winning for Music shows were questioned by some, proving fake statistics that the result was rigged.

On the other hand, his true fans continue to root for his recovery and hoping that he will be able to live up this 2020 as a stronger artist.

He also hinted fans with his possible return, saying, 

"The winter is hard for me, so I needed to rest and get through it. Your warmth has brought me spring." He then promised fans to show more of him this year. 



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