8 Proven Steps to Attract More Instagram Followers

8 Proven Steps to Attract More Instagram Followers
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Instagram is a popular social networking website with more than a billion active monthly users. The large user pool of this platform creates a major opportunity for brands and marketers to tap into. But, benefiting from Instagram requires a user to have a large following. With more followers, an Instagram user can reach a wider audience with their messages. That means they stand a chance to influence more people. It's, therefore, not surprising that everybody wants to get more followers on Instagram. And people are using different techniques to grow their following including buying followers.

Nevertheless, some people have made their Instagram accounts popular organically. Examples of such popular Instagram accounts include those belonging to Lionel Messi, Beyonce, Neymar, Kendall Jenner, and Katy Perry. Some of these celebrities have gotten more Instagram followers without spending a cent. Here are proven steps that some people have used to attract more followers on this platform.

1.    Creating a Compelling Instagram Bio

Most people will read your Instagram bio before they decide to follow you. This is also the first thing that people see whenever they decide to view your profile. Therefore, creating an impressive Instagram bio should be the first step in the process of attracting more Instagram followers.

In addition to including basic information like your website link and contact details, tell the story of your brand interestingly and engagingly. You won't stand out by simply telling people about your business. Come up with a reason that will make a person that finds you for the first time want to follow or connect with you.

Additionally, create and maintain a unique brand personality on Instagram. This should be reflected by your bio and the content you post in the future. The impression that your bio and feed will give people will determine whether they will like your business brand or not.

Therefore, maintain consistency in voice, tone, posts, and colors. These are some of the visual aspects that give a brand its personality.

2.    Identifying the Target Audience and Meeting its Needs

Take the time to understand your target audience.

Ask the following questions to understand your target audience:

●      In what age bracket does your audience belong?

●      What gender are you targeting?

●      What is the lifestyle of your target group?

●      What products or services do they buy?

●      What brands do they interact with?

●      Do you have an audience that is centric to a specific location?

When you identify and understand your target audience, you can easily know the right content to come up with, how often to publish, and the language to use.

3.    Choosing and Using Hashtags Wisely 

You may think hashtags are annoying and probably not useful. However, hashtags are crucial on Instagram. They are at the core of this platform. However, you must use hashtags properly to benefit from them. A good hashtag should identify the specific qualities of your brand or product. It should also be relatable to your audience.

You can opt to use general hashtags that others are already using or come up with hashtags that are specific to your business or brand. You can also use hashtags for specific posts, your location, or tagline. Discovering the hashtags to use can be challenging. However, you can use online tools to identify the most effective hashtags in your industry.

4.    Posting Quality Content Regularly

People need to see that you are an active Instagram user. But, you don't have to post just any content to stay active on this platform. It's crucial to ensure that you always post quality content. Instagram posts have high-quality standards. Popular brands have unique visual styles or filters that make them stand out.

If you opt to tell your story visually, your style should be on point. Perhaps, the best way to ensure that you post quality content regularly is to create a posts repository. This will enable you to publish quality content even during holidays and weekends.

Use filters that enable you to create content with higher engagement rates. Additionally, be authentic and aesthetically pleasing with your content. Use captions are bound to capture the attention of your target audience.

It's also important to decide on posts frequency and timing. Most millennials are accessing Instagram 6 to 7 times per day with every visit lasting close to 15 minutes. Publish 2 to 3 posts every day to take advantage of such statistics.

5.    Cross-Promoting Instagram Content

Collaboration is an important Instagram ingredient when it comes to attracting followers. For every major brand, several smaller ones are looking for ways to get more attention. Therefore, identify a brand that is at your level and get in touch with them. Pitch a cross-posting or collaboration. That way, they can promote your business to their followers while you promote theirs to your followers. Hence, you end up exchanging your audience sets.

6.    Providing Free Promotion Goodies

Providing free goodies is a great way to attract more followers on this platform. People love free things. As such, they will be interested in connecting with your brand and sharing with loved ones on realizing that you always announce free goodies via your Instagram account.

Influencer marketing is a great way to attract more followers on Instagram. Therefore, work with mid-level influencers that are open to partnerships and easily accessible. Post photos or videos of such influencers with products that you're trying to promote on your account and ask people to follow you.

7.    Running Instagram Contests

People love easy contests that are fun to do. If you involve a chance to win goodies, more people will follow you to get more information on such contests continuously. Define the start and end date of your contest. Also, make participating in contests easy and do something good that is simple to do.

8.    Publishing Fresh Content

You can't do the same thing or be obvious on Instagram and expect people to follow you. Therefore, avoid being predictable because that will make you boring. Some content styles are trendy than others. Facebook screenshots and text messages can trend for a while. Other things that you can use to trend include quotes that include a twist, user-generated content, and videos.

9.    Monitoring Instagram Analytics and Responding Appropriate

Use tools that enable you to monitor your analytics on Instagram. This will give you insights into what you need to change or tweak to enhance performance. Monitoring important aspects of your Instagram account will help you determine the things you should do to attract more followers.

Try these steps to run your Instagram account and you will attract more followers. Always remember that consistency will bring you the results you desire.



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