Kim Chung Ha Received Criticism About Her Looks on Recent IG Update

The famous Korean solo artist Kim Chung Ha had faced another controversy again after gaining some hate comments involving her physical appearance after updating her personal Instagram account.

On the 6th of March, the female idol posted on her social media account photos of her during the Seoul Music Awards, capturing herself while waiting backstage. Several fans and supporters of the idol praised her for her good-looking visuals; however, some of the netizens noticed that something was off about her photos, and claiming that her face had changed, leading to speculations that she underwent either plastic surgeries or has experimented way too much of fillers. 

A netizen noticed Chung Ha's lips, and commented, "That lip filler is extreme."

Even her fans commented that they think that something was not right with her lips saying, 

"I am Chung Ha's fan, but I can say that she had done something on her lips. It's getting more and more obvious."

 It was a debate between netizens then if it's really just a lip filler or if the idol tried lip injection, intending to make her lower lip plumper.

In addition to this, people were claiming as well that she's trying to become the next Park Bom. 

"I think she is not looking prettier; she is the next Park Bom with all those surgeries."

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that the Korean artist-singer has been criticized due to her look and was accused of getting plastic surgeries. Last 2017, just right after her solo album debuting with a title track, "Hands on Me," Chung Ha was attacked by hate comments from the netizens saying that she altered some parts on her face, particularly on her chin and lips. 

However, Chung Ha then denied these allegations and replied that if her looks have changed, then it is probably due to her weight loss. 

"Because I wanted to look different in my solo debut, I decided to lose weight.", confessing as well that she felt pressured during the time she is losing weight, leading her to starve herself some times.

Also, she revealed that she changed her beauty routine, making her look different. "If I look prettier now, it is because of make-up."

On the other hand, fans and netizens are taking it back to Chung Ha's haters and bashers upon the rise of controversy, leaving their message on social media that they can't find any bad with how the idol looks right now.

 "Chung Ha looks prettier." Fans were also sending encouraging messages for Chung Ha through comments and posts, reminding her how beautiful she is. 

Nevertheless, other netizens can't find the reason why Chung Ha's face has to become an issue, for it is still the idol's choice to do what is making her happy. 

"If her face has changed, what is it to you? Does it really have to be a big deal? As long as she is happy, she can do anything."



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