Ex-MONSTA X Member Wonho is Proven Not Guilty from Drug Abuse Allegations

Former MONSTA X Wonho is Proven Not Guilty from Drug Abuse Allegations
Former MONSTA X Wonho is Proven Not Guilty from Drug Abuse Allegations(Photo : Twitter)

Monbebes are rejoicing today! On Saturday, March 14, the former MONSTA X member Wonho, who was accused of being involved in a drug abuse case, is finally cleared of drug charges after its investigation conducted by the Seoul Police. 

On the same day, Starship Entertainment, Wonho's former agency, released an official statement to announce the good news to his fans and netizens. 

According to Starship, "The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Drug Investigation Service has closed the investigation related to the drug allegations to Wonho on the 10th of March.

The former K-pop idol has been cooperating with the police investigation for the last five months, and the internal affairs have concluded that they can't find any charges to Wonho. 

The agency added, "We waited for a long time while doing our best to minimize the exposure of the case to the public during the investigation, and appointed an attorney for Wonho to avoid any unfair charges."

Looking back, it was October last year when Wonho had been involved in the scandal, claiming that he was using illegal drugs and had been explicitly smoking marijuana. These malicious claims instantly spread online, resulting in the idol's lost opportunity to explain himself. Furthermore, he was also caught up with an issue that he had several debts from acquaintances, accusing him of not paying them back. 

In November, his contract with Starship Entertainment was terminated and left him no choice but to withdraw from MONSTA X. Fans of the male idol were enraged by the news.

Korean and international fans of Wonho then held their hands amidst the hateful comments the idol received, in an attempt to protect him from harsh remarks. They also sent the idol a ton of encouraging messages.

Also, today, Wonho's supporters conducted several campaigns for him to seek justice and demanded to bring him back to the group with the hashtag #FightforWonho.

Starship Entertainment remained silent throughout the current uproar, but during the contract termination, the agency said, "We will continue to support Wonho as he took his path as an artist."

The agency, later on, apologized after Wonho has been acquitted. 

"We would like to apologize once again for the fact that Starship Entertainment and Wonho have caused a tremendous concern from the fans. We also extend our thanks to those fans who supported Wonho and us throughout the investigation process," the company stated.

On the other hand, after Wonho left the group, MONSTA X re-debuted as a sextet and released their debut in the US last month after signing with the American label, Epic Records, which is the home of the brightest international singers DJ Khaled, Camilla Cabello, Fifth Harmony, and many more. 

The amount of curiosity and anticipation is now rising, with non-stop questions if Wonho will reunite with his former group or not after being proven as innocent against all of his charges. Monbebes hope for the first one.

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