How Do Language and Communication Difficulties Affect Students Social and Communication Behavior?

How Do Language and Communication Difficulties Affect Students Social and Communication Behavior?
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Social skills, such as language and communication, are essential aspects of personality development. Growing up, a child develops social skills based on his/her environment and surroundings. Not only are these skills necessary for character development, but they are also needed for building relationships, interacting with people, and attending school without any difficulty. However, when these skills are not appropriately developed, a child in his/her early years faces a lot of problems.

One major issue that children face is being unable to undertake academic activities, such as working on their assignments, submitting their dissertation proposal outlines on time, and participating in class discussion effectively. Language and communication skills are mandatory for children who attend schools. Without effective communication, students will neither be able to put their point across, nor will they understand any other point of view. Thus, it is essential that children develop language and communication skills at the right time or else their academic life will suffer.  

This is a vital issue that should be addressed at large. Teachers and parents should play their part to help students overcome this issue and help them efficiently perform their academic activities. Here's how language and communication difficulties impact the social and communication behavior of students.

Poor Mental Health

Mental health usually goes unnoticed. Not many people pay attention to this aspect of social wellbeing. However, this should not be the case. Mental health is an important aspect of a person's welfare; thus, it should be treated as such. Children who go through language and communication difficulties go on to develop poor mental health. A lot of children who suffer from these difficulties are known to develop anxiety and suffer from social phobia. In addition to this, it also develops behavioral disorders in students. 

Lack of Self Confidence

Self-esteem is extremely low when students encounter language and communication issues. When they are unable to express themselves with confidence, and when they experience problems while communicating, a lot of students experience a dip in self-confidence. With each passing day, this feeling gets stronger, and eventually, it is instilled so firmly in a student's personality, that they do not realize how their self-confidence has plunged. Their self-worth is diminished, and they indulge in self-pity.

Difficulty in Developing Interpersonal Skills

When an individual is unable to communicate effectively or is experiencing language difficulties, he/she will be unable to develop interpersonal skills. Communicating with people, understanding their point of view and listening to others becomes a dreadful task for such students. They find it extremely difficult to strike a conversation and interact with people. Even when a conversation is necessary, they fail miserably. Furthermore, they also find it challenging to maintain their relationships. This causes a lot of stress, and they start detaching themselves from people around them.

Aggressive Behavior

Communication and language are two powerful skills and tools that help students achieve academic success. However, when these skills are missing, achieving success becomes something far-fetched. When a student does not get desired results even after putting in a lot of hard work, their behavior changes, for the worst. They get aggressive because they are often found being bossed around by other students. When things get out of hand, they are even bullied at school. Thus, as a result, they get stubborn and hostile and develop an aggressive personality. 

Reading Difficulties

Communication and language difficulties eventually lead to reading issues. Students who are unable to communicate and speak properly are often found struggling while reading. A child may be experiencing dyslexia, hyperlexia, etc. All these disorders and reading difficulties lead to behavioral issues at school, which is detrimental to the student's academic life. Thus, diagnosing and treating reading difficulties will help students improve their social and communication behavior. 

Inability to Comprehend

Language and communication difficulties in students usually lead to comprehension issues, specific word reading difficulties or mixed reading difficulties. Regardless of the type of comprehension issue, students suffer a lot at school. They are unable to catch up with the daily lessons and have trouble dealing with daily class activities at school. In addition to this, such students are also unable to comprehend their assignments, such as writing an essay, researching for a thesis, completing a coursework, etc. While helping them develop language and communication skills, one might even choose to seek help from essay writing services. These services are a guide that helps students draft their essay according to requirements.

Lack of Conflict Management Skills

Conflict management is an essential skill that students should develop at a young age. Children suffering from language and communication difficulties face a lot of issues when it comes to conflict management. Unable to learn this skill leads to behavioral problems as children do not find a way to resolve conflicts and disagreements. Negotiation and peer to peer communication is an effective conflict management strategy; however, students suffering from language and communication issues are unable to resolve conflicts effectively.

Withdrawn Behavior

Another issue that students suffering from language and communication difficulties face is withdrawn behavior. With low self-confidence and low self-esteem, such students do not mix up with their peers and prefer to stay alone. They do not even indulge in usual activities such as reading, writing, playing, interacting with their friends, etc. Such behavior harms the character development of students and leaves a significant impact on their lives. With the right type of help from teachers, students can overcome this issue and lead a better life. 

Language and communication difficulties impact children to a huge extent. They hinder children's daily activities, and their academic life is impacted the most. They are unable to develop essential skills such as interpersonal interaction, reading, writing, etc. In addition to this, they are unable to communicate confidently, and with low self-esteem, their personality development is poor.

Thus, it is essential that these disorders are identified at the right time and treated in a proper manner. Teachers and parents must play their role to help students recover and develop a strong personality. Without doing so, students' social and communication behavior cannot be improved. If this aspect is not paid attention to at the right time, students will be unable to recover and will struggle for a very long time in their life.   



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