READ: BTS Suga's Sweet Love Letter for Ex-Girlfriend Sent to a Local Radio

READ BTS Suga's Sweet Love Letter for Ex-Girlfriend Sent through a Local Radio
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BTS's Suga is admired by many, and knowing that he actually wrote a letter for his ex-girlfriend is something every girl would be envious of!

Suga's sweet love letter for his ex-girlfriend was revealed after submitting the said copy to a local radio host. It gathered a lot of appreciation among fans and they praised the lucky woman for capturing the heart of the Bangtan boy.

Read on Suga's sweet message for this girl:

"Remembering my love from the past...

3RD Year, Class 3, No. 13, Min Yoon Gi

Hello, I am Min Yoon Gi, who is from Daegu.

I am shy that I am penning this letter to a radio of which I constantly listened to. Our Korean teacher required us to write a message and send it to radio.

I was actually thinking about what to write, so I thought about writing about my love from the past while reading Hwang Dong Kyu's 'Enjoyable Letter.'

In my year 3 in middle school, it might sound young to say that someone is in love. However, it was a memory that holds my earnest feelings from those heartbreaking past.

I am shy to reveal, but I admire a lady last year in my 2nd year.

Since I am so shy, I didn't have the courage to speak to her. Therefore we remained friends.

As we get closer, I was aiming for more than just friendship. I didn't want to be friends with her anymore, so I confessed my true feelings.

Then, she said yes when I confessed that I really liked her.

We dated but, that is when the problems came. Since I was typically shy, I didn't have a manner to show that she is my girlfriend at that time.

I didn't pay attention to my girl and even made a comparison of our relationship as friends; there is a great difference. Our relationship started to become ill at ease.

We didn't date for so long as problems arose, so she said she would love to remain as friends, and then we ended our relationship. Hearing those words, I felt like my chest is empty. I felt that I am left out.

I did understand her reasons why she chose to break up with me, and I came to reflect on it afterward.

I would contemplate everything that I have done wrong and how I could improve myself. I also think about yesterday and hoping that I would have behaved differently.

If I would be given the chance to travel back, I would treat her better, and I believe that I could do more than what I have done for her. I would proudly say to her that I loved and liked her.

Thinking about those memories in the past hurts me, and I am truly regretting it. If she heard me revealing this confession letter, I would like to tell her the following:

I am truly sorry for treating you that way. I know that you must have been hurt for how I acted like that. I do think and look back at it as a wonderful memory now. Thank you for sharing that memory with me.

-BTS Suga

READ BTS Suga's Sweet Love Letter for Ex-Girlfriend Sent through a Local Radio
(Photo : Pinterest)

Reading on Suga's sweet love letter for his former sweetheart would certainly flatter any girl! This only proves that even your favorite K-pop artists and celebs in general have some interesting - at times, romantic - story in their past that is worth looking back.



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