These are The Current Top 3 Best Male and Female K-Pop Dancers According to Netizens

These are The Top 3 Best Male and Female K-Pop Dances, According to Netizens
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Netizens recently shared who they believe is the current best male and female K-Pop dancers in the game right now. They believe that these idols shine on stage and raise the overall quality of the group's performance.


1. EXO's Kai

exo kai
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Kai is active as the main dancer of EXO and SuperM. His powerful and hard-hitting dance lines have earned praise from both critics and passing viewers. Prior to his debut, he had experience in ballet, which provides him with a balance and fluidity that the other members may not have.

One thing that fans admire about Kai is that it seems he genuinely loves the stage. Fans commented on the fire in his eyes when he dances, and how he is able to fully capture the emotions of a song - while other idols merely dance to the song, Kai himself becomes the visual representation of it. He's a dancer who really loves what he does.

2. BTS's Jimin

bts jimin dance
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Jimin is BTS's main dancer and lead vocal. Prior to his debut with the group, he was a modern dance major who also had background in popping. He also has a background in ballet and contemporary.

His dance style has been hailed as being fluid, elegant, graceful, and dynamic. Despite BTS having more hip-hop-inspired dance moves, he incorporates the techniques he learned from his past into BTS's choreography. He oozes smoothness, able to look graceful despite the hard-hitting moves; gentle, yet powerful. His background in more expressive dance forms also helps with BTS's dances, as they usually tell a story. He is able to show what the song is trying to say with his dance.

3. SEVENTEEN's Hoshi

seventeen hoshi
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Hoshi is SEVENTEEN's main dancer and leader of the performance unit. He has helped with many of SEVENTEEN's choreography.

Prior to his debut with SEVENTEEN, he was a taekwondo champion and even had a black belt in the sport. He became interested in dancing through taekwondo, as the sport poses are similar to dance moves. When he was in middle school, he created his own dance club and participated in competitions.

Netizens have described his dance style as powerful - despite looking adorable off-stage, he is full of charisma on-stage, putting all of his energy into perfecting the dance. Many also praise him for helping create the dances of SEVENTEEN's song and making sure that not only him but the other members can execute it perfectly.



blackpink lisa
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BLACKPINK's main dancer and lead rapper is Lisa, YG Entertainment's first foreign artist.

Lisa has been praised for her dance skills, being praised for being clean and sharp. She is also known for looking confident and having great expressions on her face, with every new line having a new expression that suits the song. She has some background in b-boying (thanks to her old dance crew in Thailand, We Zaa Cool), which means she has a developed core strength, flexibility, and balance. There is a saying, "Some people learn to dance, and others are born to," and Lisa is one of the few born to dance!

2. IZ*ONE's Lee Chaeyeon

izone chaeyeon
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Lee Chaeyeon is IZ*ONE's main dancer.

Chaeyeon has been praised for having amazing body control, being able to go hard on her moves, and quickly shift to have fluid, slower movements in a snap. She has great isolation, balance, and fluidity that make her a perfect fit for any concept. She also knows what part of her body needs more tension than the other. Prior to her debut, Chaeyeon has been dancing ever since she was young with her sister, ITZY's Chaeryeong.

3. Red Velvet's Seulgi

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Seulgi is Red Velvet's main dancer and lead vocalist.

Red Velvet's performance director has explained Seulgi's dance style perfectly, saying that her dance style is very precise. Her biggest strength is that all of her movements are very clean. The performance director even said, "She is a member that possesses the best dance skills with no explanation needed." Her moves are very sharp, and she has strengths in being agile in her movements. She also has a good sense of rhythm. Her body locks are also praised by fellow dancers, along with her isolation.

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