Former AOA Mina Apologizes for Her Recent Actions

Former AOA Kwon Mina Apologizes For Her Recent Actions
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[Trigger Warning/Content Warning: Bullying and Self-Harm]

Former AOA member Kwon Mina has shared an apology on her Instagram account, in which she apologized for her recent actions.

This came after she posted a photo of her slashed wrist, indicating she was self-harming. In the post, she called out current AOA member Seolhyun, former member Shin Jimin, and FNC Entertainment CEO Han Sung Ho for the psychological damage they caused. She also called out her former label for not paying her properly during her time as an artist there.

After the post, her current agency, Woori Actors, sent paramedics to her home. They revealed the idol was taken to a hospital to receive emergency medical services. They stated that her condition is non-life-threatening.

Three days after her agency confirmed she was in the hospital, Mina shared her apology to Instagram. She took the time to update fans on her current condition and to apologize for her recent actions. Her post reads:

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 많은 분들께서 걱정과 응원을 해주셨는데 또 한번 실망을 끼쳐 드려 정말 죄송합니다.. 저로 인해 피해입은 모든 분들.. 또 그 사진을 보고 놀라셨을 많은 분들께도 다시 한번 사과드립니다.. 그날 제가 깨어나지 못하고 있을 때에 예전 FNC 식구분들이 밤새 자리를 지켜주셨다고 들었고.. 오늘은 한성호 회장님과의 만남이 있었습니다. 저는 FNC를 AOA를 정말 좋아했는데.. 이 문제 때문에 AOA를 그만두게 된 게 너무 슬펐고 너무 힘들었습니다.. 오늘 회장님의 말씀을 들으면서 회장님의 진심을 느낄 수 있었고.. 그냥 이렇게까지 되어버린 게 너무 후회가 되네요.. 저를 걱정해주셨던 팬분들과 지인, 가족들.. 또 저로 인해 힘든 시간을 보내고 있을 AOA 팬분들께도 너무 죄송하고.. 앞으로 두번 다시 이런 일이 생기지 않도록 반성하며 열심히 치료 받겠습니다.. 정말 죄송합니다.. A post shared by  권민아 우리액터스 actress (@kvwowv) on Aug 11, 2020 at 6:36am PDT

 "Many people were worried about me and cheered for me, so I apologize for letting everyone down once more... To all those who were harmed because of my actions... And to those who were taken aback by that photo, I would like to sincerely apologize. On that day when I couldn't wake up, I was informed that my former FNC Entertainment family stayed by my side all night long... I also met with CEO Han Sung Ho. I really loved FNC Entertainment and AOA... so it was extremely difficult or me to give it up because of those problems... When I heard CEO Han's side of the story, I felt his sincerity... and I really regret that things had to turn out like this... To the fans who were worried about me, as well as to my friends and family... and to the fans of AOA who are struggling because of what I did, I am so sorry. I will reflect on my actions and receive treatment so that this never happens again... I am really sorry..."

In the first week of July 2020, Mina revealed on Instagram that she chose to withdraw from AOA after she could no longer stand the bullying she had to endure for ten years by a certain member of the group. In her original post, Mina did not disclose which member had bullied her. Former AOA member and then-leader Jimin then posted the word "Fiction" to her Instagram Story, subtly implying that Mina was lying. Soon after Jimin's Instagram story, Mina revealed that the member who had bullied her was Jimin and that she had to endure a lot while being members of the same group.

One of the major incidents Mina revealed was when her father had sadly passed away. Though she wanted to take some time off to mourn her loss, she chose to push through with most of her activities and tried no to ruin the group's mood as to not anger Jimin. When it was Jimin's father who passed away, however, all of her activities were canceled and her family had even gotten a VIP room at the hospital.

Soon after, her AOA members and their manager went to visit Mina, allegedly to apologize. According to Mina, however, Jimin acted inappropriately, wielding a knife while threatening to kill herself and giving an insincere apology. After the house visit, Jimin took to Instagram to say she had apologized and begged for Mina's forgiveness. Mina denied this and instead stated that Jimin had gaslighted her by saying she did not remember the bullyings. Mina revealed that everyone who had visited her house that night, the AOA members and FNC Entertainment managers, had sided with Jimin.

FNC Entertainment announced soon after that Jimin would be leaving the group and would be retiring from the entertainment industry. On August 9, Sunday, FNC released a statement regarding the situation and apologizing to Mina. Their statement was met with backlash, as netizens believe the agency refuses to take accountability for their actions.

On August 8, Mina's current agency (Woori Actors) confirmed that she is receiving emergency treatment at a hospital. Her condition is stable and non-life-threatening.

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