Korean Netizens Have Mixed Reactions to Oh My Girl Seunghee's McDonald's Commercial

On September 25, 2020, McDonald's Korea uploaded their latest commercial featuring Oh My Girl's Seunghee to promote their new Cajun McChicken burger. As the commercial goes viral, Korean netizens on numerous online community forums showed mixed reactions towards it.

The commercial is only 15 seconds long and features Seunghee chowing down on a McChicken burger at a local McDonald's. As she bites into the delicious chicken burger, a burst of flavor erupts in her mouth which causes her to start clucking like a chicken. When she pulls away from the burger, she gives a thumbs up to show how delicious the food is.

(Photo : McDonald's Korea)
(Photo : McDonald's Korea)

By the end of the commercial, she is seen posing with the burger. At the very end, she clucks to the tune of McDonald's "I'm lovin' it" jingle.

(Photo : McDonald's Korea)

The description of the video describes the food she is promoting and reads,

"Add the plain McChicken with some Cajun sauce for a spicy twist to the taste! NEW Cajun McChicken Burger.

Fresh McChicken, intense McChicken Mozzarella, and aromatic, Cajun McChicken-

With a new McChicken line-up to make McChicken more delicious! And more diverse! Enjoy McDrive-Thru and McDelivery even more conveniently!"

Currently, the advertisement has over 2.1 million views, but only has 1.6 thousand likes and 1.9k dislikes. Due to the mixed reception, the advertisement was getting, comments on YouTube were disabled.

(Photo : McDonald's Korea)

The commercial was meant to showcase Seunghee's unique, spunky charms. As she is famous for being an idol with animated facial expressions, she utilized that for this humorous commercial. While some netizens considered this a refreshing take for a girl group member and praised her for being more than just the two-dimensional pretty girl, others were not so kind. Here are some comments:

"I think it is so cute. She is able to grab people's attention in such a short amount of time."

"I did not think much of this commercial other than how Seunghee is so cute."

"This reminds me of MOMOLAND's commercial lol"

"I think Seunghee looked cute in the end."

Other netizens thought the commercial was too over-the-top and did not suit the image a female idol group member should portray. While many agreed she was adorable regardless, people still thought the concept was too weird. Here are some of netizen's comments:

"I do not like this commercial at all."

"I do not like that middle part with the weird effects, but I think Seunghee was cute at the end."

"This is too noisy, it is not my style."

"I think Seunghee is cute, but I just do not like the commercial."

"I like Seunghee and the new McChicken burger, but I really hate that strange middle part."

"I think this commercial is just so weird."

Check out the commercial yourself:

What do you think of it?


Seunghee is a member of Oh My Girl, a girl group under WM Entertainment that debuted in 2015. She is the main vocalist of the group and is in charge of high-range backing vocals. Other than her activities with Oh My Girl, she has appeared as an actress in Lim Chang Jung's "Open the Door" music video and ONF's "ON/OFF" music video. She has also acted in a webdrama titled "LOSS:TIME:LIFE" alongside B1A4's Baro. She has also worked on numerous OSTs for dramas.

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