CRUSH Releases Touching New EP "with HER"

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CRUSH has finally released his new EP with HER featuring iconic female artists as collaborations.

with HER is an album that contains the colorful musical chemistry of female artists and CRUSH. All the featuring artists participated in all songs to create an unprecedented combination.

This album, in which CRUSH participated in writing and composing of all the songs, includes the title song Let Me Go (with Taeyeon), Tip Toe (with Lee Hi), Love Encore (with Lee Sora), Step By Step (with Yoon Mirae), and She Said (with BIBI).

The title song Let Me Go is a smooth R&B/soul-based song that is expected to be brought to life with Taeyeon, who are collaborating again in 4 years and 9 months since Don't Forget. Taeyeon's sweet harmony is obviously impressive.

Check out the MV here!

In addition, Tip Toe, where you can feel the chemistry of Crush and Lee Hi, on the soulful beat that reinterprets R&B in the 90s, and Dance in which Lee Sora and Crush presented the song in a very different way from the existing bossa nova framework.

The colorful arrangements and rich sound of R&B track Step By Step stands out with the breath of Yoon Mirae and CRUSH, and She Said, the hip-hop R&B track contains the strong expression of the music industry super rookie BIBI.

Overall, the EP has all five songs that hold the potential to be chart topping. Let me go is currently placed at No. 4 on the Genie music chart of Korea.

CRUSH talked about with HER, saying, "It contains a lot of stories that cross between love and breakup. The title song 'Let me go' is a song about the sad story of two men and women who intuited the breakup."

Regarding working with Taeyeon after almost 5 years, CRUSH said, "I am really grateful that she was willing to appear in the music video. With a powerful lineup that is more splendid than 'Avengers', a good song and a fruitful album were born. We ask for your interest and love."

CRUSH's new EP with HER was released on various online music sites at 6:00 p.m. KST on October 20, followed by the last performance before the break at Naver Now.

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