Jeon So Min's Instagram Flooded With Hate Comments After BLACKPINK's Appearance on 'Running Man'

Actress Jeon So Min, who is one of the cast members of SBS's "Running Man", is getting hate following BLACKPINK's appearance on the show and her interactions with them.

Jeon So Min's Instagram account is currently being flooded with malicious content from international fans following her interaction with K-pop group BLACKPINK, who guested on the show for their October 18th episode.

During the show, BLACKPINK performed their title track "Lovesick Girls" from their first full-length album "THE ALBUM". As they performed, Jeon So Min appeared and danced alongside the girls, acting as the group's fifth member. She did so as she had to carry out a penalty from last week's episode.

This is just one of the things that put a sour taste in international fans' mouth.

In the episode, the cast of "Running Man" and BLACKPINK were seen playing a game. In the game, as they were slipping and sliding covered in soap, Jeon So Min was seen pushing BLACKPINK member Jisoo with her feet.

Though some users found the scene funny, it appeared to have made others uncomfortable, and many netizens called her out for it online. Particularly, international fans called out Jeon So Min for unnecessary force and possibly inflicting pain on Jisoo.

Many commented that they hated Jeon So Min and that they did not see the point as to why she had to dance with BLACKPINK. Some netizens even called her an attention seeker and hoped that Jeon So Min would end up leaving "Running Man". Some international fans even accused her of being the "PD's Wife" or "SBS President's Wife", as they criticized how often Jeon So Min gets screentime on the show.

While many reported that it is BLACKPINK fans cursing out Jeon So Min, Korean netizens have discovered that quite a number of them are "Running Man" fans, making people wonder if fans from the show are voicing their disdain for Jeon So Min. Read netizens' comments here:

"Are you sure they are BLACKPINK fans? BLACKPINK is extremely popular but if you look at the account that are pretending to be BLACKPINK fans, most of them are 'Running Man' fans."

"If they were true BLACKPINK fans, they would not curse out Jeon So Min on Instagram."

"When I click on the profiles of the people who wrote bad comments, they are almost all 'Running Man' fans."

Some netizens thought that the hate she got was unavoidable, especially with the actions she showed. While many do not agree, many thought it was precedented. Read some comments here:

"There aremany BLACKPINK fans who are also 'Running Man' fans. 'Running Man's' overseas fans hate Yang Se Chan and Jeon So Min... I feel bad for Jeon So Min."

"Jeon So Min has a lot of haters overseas. 'Running Man' and BLACKPINK are both famous overseas so I guess it is just unavoidable."

Others voiced out their support for Jeon So Min, supporting her role in "Running Man" and hoping that the hate for her stop. Read netizens' comments here:

"Please do not touch Jeon So Min. Just leave her alone."

"I like Jeon So Min because she is so funny on 'Running Man' nowadays. Just looking at the title [about BLACKPINK fans hating her] makes me annoyed."

"So Min did well on 'Running Man', please do not hurt her!"

Jeon So Min nor SBS's "Running Man" have made any statement regarding the malicious comments from international netizens' on Jeon So Min's social media accounts.

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