TWICE Member Sana's Photos Are Now Viral After Music Show Recording... Here's Why

It is not easy to escape the spotlight if you are a TWICE member. After member Tzuyu went viral for her visuals during the group's "Inkigayo" promotions, Sana is now trending because of her photos taken during a music show recording. Here is the story. 

After filming, usually, artists go straight into their cars. Before leaving, they will wave goodbye to their fans, talk to them, and accept gifts. Idols can also pose for photos, as most of the time, fan sites and reporters take that time to snap photos of the celebrities.

While TWICE was in their van in this story, Sana caught fans and reporters' eyes for her stunning visuals. In the photos, Sana looked so stunning with her usual straight eyebrows and flawless skin. She is wearing minimal eye make-up and, if you look closely, she is also wearing grey contacts. Her cheeks are the same rosy pink as her glossy lips. Overall, she is rocking a natural, beautiful look. 

She looks like a doll with her wavy hair, and she wears a turtleneck paired with a brown jacket and a gold necklace. 

Netizens were blown away by her visuals. Many compliment how pretty she is, with some even doubting how someone as gorgeous as her is human. People are comparing her to an angel and a goddess due to her ethereal beauty.

Read their comments here:

"She is not human; she is a goddess."

"Her beauty is so crazy."

"Seeing this made me annoyed with my parents. Why is she so pretty? I am so jealous of her."

"She is so pretty. Her aura in these photos is so fresh and pretty."

"She kind of looks like a character from a game."

"Wow, her beauty is crazy."

"Is she a doll?"

"Is she an angel? She is just too pretty."

"I do not think she is human. How can she be so pretty?"

"She is so pretty. Mina and Sana are the most gorgeous ones in this era."

On Nov. 10, Tzuyu went viral for her stunning visuals in TWICE's 'Inkigayo' performance for "I CAN'T STOP ME." Many praised the idol for her outstanding visuals, with people saying this is the maknae's prettiest look to date and that this comeback is her era. 

Many praised her beauty, and just like Sana, Korean netizens started comparing her visuals to an angel for her visuals. 

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Sana is a Japanese singer based in South Korea. She signed as a trainee under JYP Entertainment in 2012. After competing on the Mnet survival show "SIXTEEN," she won a spot as a debut member in the next JYP Entertainment girl group. She debuted as TWICE's sub-vocalist in 2015. 

In 2019, Sana ranked as the 15th most popular idol in South Korea in Gallup Korea's annual survey, making her the highest Japanese individual. That same year, she was ranked as the most popular girl group idol in a survey of soldiers doing mandatory military service in South Korea. 

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