MONSTA X Wins in SBS' "The Show" with Comeback "Love Killa"

MONSTA X wins the crown in SBS' "The Show" for their comeback single "Love Killa," expressing gratitude to MONBEBEs, the group's official fandom.

The six-piece boy group secured the top spot with a total score of 7,410 - coming from the album's sales, real-time votes, and broadcast video votes to SBS - beating out AB6IX (6282 points) and Park Ji Hoon (5418 points).

Members of MONSTA X expressed gratitude to their fans upon receiving their trophy. "We are very grateful to our dear Monbebe who worked really hard to vote and listened to the song."

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Near the end of the show, MONSTA X prepared for their special encore stage. Members performed their winning single "Love Killa" as members started taking off parts of their formal ensemble - from their coats, to their vests and neckties.


Fatal Love

"Love Killa," the group's winning comeback track, comes from their third Korean-language album "Fatal Love," released last November 2. In their latest album, members of the group collaborated with singers and songwriters Brother Su and Jooyoung - the band's labelmates under the Starship Entertainment group. "Fatal Love" also included creative inputs from US-based artist Eric Nam and Korean house music producer DJ Justin Oh.

Critics praised the album, specifically pointing out its strong theme of love being "deadly." The first four tracks - "Love Killa," "Gasoline," "Thriller," and "Guess Who" - perfectly build up for the climactic tracks "Nobody Else" and "Beastmode." The album then starts to mellow down with the last four tracks starting with "Stand Together" and ending with "Sorry I'm Not Sorry," whose R&B vibes stand out on its own and makes it appear out-of-place with the rest of the album's tracks. 

The ten-track studio album marked its release with the music video for "Love Killa." In the music video, each member takes on popular characters in pop culture classics. Hyungwon walks past an underground fight scene, much like Tyler Durden from Fight Club. Kihyun appears in a white overall, past layers of prison bars, reminiscent of Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs. Jooheon kicks off the back of an abandoned school bus, like The Joker from The Dark Knight. Minhyuk, in a plastic-covered living room set, is Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. I.M., dropping bars in a black outfit and emerging from a car, appears much like the unnamed stunt driver/ getaway driver in the 2011 film Drive. Lastly, Shownu appears dressed to kill in a formal suit, giving away the sleek assassin vibe from Agent 47 to John Wick.

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