Stylist Reveals the Secret to TWICE Dahyun’s Perfect Skin

Among fans, TWICE member Dahyun is known for her flawless, milky white skin. Her skin is the envy of many, with people wondering how she could achieve her complexion. Now, people don't have to wonder - her make-up stylist revealed how Dahyun achieves perfect skin while she performs. 

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During an interview with ELLE Magazine on Tuesday, Nov. 24, Lulu Jia (one of TWICE's make-up artists) revealed that Dahyun tends to skip applying base make-up. "Dahyun usually puts on the color products without applying base products. Base products are usually what you first apply to your skin to cover imperfections, such as foundation, BB cream, concealer, and powder.

To preserve her skin's natural texture, Dahyun tends to opt-out of powdery products. "Dahyun uses a cream-type blusher to preserve her skin's natural texture," the stylist told ELLE. "We usually use a peachy coral color. Because her skin is so fair, there is no color that doesn't suit her, but I think we usually gravitate towards products that are peachy coral colored."

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It appears for Dahyun, and less is more! Since she skips out of all the heavy makeup products and focuses on color products, her skin can breathe more. Since her skin can breathe more, her face appears to glow even when she isn't wearing any products. 

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TWICE's Dahyun is known for her skin, with fans lovingly calling her "human tofu" due to her flawless, fair complexion. In 2016, she went viral for her appearance on "Real Men," where she was seen barefaced for the majority of her scenes. She even removed her make-up while appearing on the show, causing her to gain fame for her porcelain skin.

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Dahyun is a South Korean singer, rapper, and songwriter. She is currently a member of the JYP Entertainment girl group, TWICE.

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Prior to her debut with the group, Dahyun went viral on YouTube after a video of her "eagle dance" was posted to YouTube. During a performance at a dance festival, Dahyun was recruited to be a trainee under JYP Entertainment. She signed with the company and trained for over three years.

In 2015, Dahyun competed in the survival show "SIXTEEN" to win a spot in JYP Entertainment's new girl group. In the finale, she was selected as one of the nine members who would debut with TWICE. She debuted with the group that same year.

Dahyun started co-writing for TWICE's music in 2017. Since then, she has been credited for co-writing five of TWICE's songs. In 2017, Dahyun was selected as the 17th most popular K-pop idols in South Korea in an annual music poll by Gallup Korea.

Besides her activities with TWICE, Dahyun has been active as a host and MC. In 2016, she was a fixed panelist for "Weekly Idol." In 2019, she was the announcer for the "Idol Star Athletics Championships" and became the event's host in 2020.

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