Artist Accusing Aespa of Plagiarizing Releases Statement

The artist who previously called out SM Entertainment for plagiarizing his work for Aespa's "Black Mamba" music video has released a statement concerning the matter. Read more about it here.

Earlier this month, German visual artist Timo Helgert called out SM Entertainment for copying his work. Previously, at the end of NCT U's music video for "Make a Wish (Birthday Song)," the company spoiled parts of Aespa's teaser by showing a subway with grass and flowers growing from the ground, along with a butterfly flying around. 

This scene has an uncanny resemblance to one of Timo Helgert's old work. His art also features a subway with grass and flowers growing from the ground, with butterflies flying around.

Aespa's music video teaser for "Black Mamba" features a large black snake slithering through the subway. This is also reminiscent of one of Timo Helgert's past work, which features a big black snake in a subway.

After being continuously messaged by fans asking if SM Entertainment had worked with him or even simply asked permission to use his work, Timo Helgert released an Instagram story saying that SM Entertainment did not ask him if they could replicate his work, nor did he help them. He goes on to say that it appears they copied his work. 

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On Wednesday, Nov. 25, however, it appears Timo Helgert is singing a different tune. He posted an Instagram story for the K-pop fans who have discussed Aespa's alleged plagiarism. He states that the music video director of "Black Mamba" and he has been in contact, and they both understand each other's creative process.

He goes on to say that he supports Aespa and wishes them the best with their debut. 

Many had started to speculate that SM Entertainment had paid Timo Helgert to use his work, which led him to release a statement defending Aespa. People say that if that were to be true, they should have either worked with him from the start or paid him from the get-go.

SM Entertainment has been accused of plagiarizing more than Timo Helgert's work, however. For the girls' first-ever individual member teasers, they were seen in a pink and purple Avatar-themed forest. This work was nearly identical to Toronto-based photographer Bryan Hyun's work with Paper Magazine X Euphoria back in June 2019. The photographer himself pointed out the similarities in his Instagram Stories. 

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They were also accused of copying the "League of Legends" virtual girl group K/DA. SM Entertainment was accused of ripping off the virtual members' concept from them. Fans also spotted scenes in Aespa's "Black Mamba" music video that highly resembles scenes in K/DA's music video for "POP/STAR." 

A Pinterest account speculated to belong to SM Entertainment's art director was leaked to the public, confirming all the plagiarism rumors. The account has folders referencing SM Entertainment artists, such as "Rookie group," "TAEMIN," and "KAI." Each folder has photos pinned to them. The pinned ones appear to be the work the art director drew inspiration from for each artist's teasers, music videos, and more. 

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Bryan Hyunh's work with Paper Magazine X Euphoria was seen in Aespa's folder, which fueled rumors that Aespa's teasers and music video plagiarized other works.

SM Entertainment has not responded to these claims.

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