Aespa's Member Karina's Former Schoolmate Speaks Up About Her True Personality

YouTuber Ana Chaerim claimed she went to school with Aespa member Karina... and she reveals more about the idol's true personality. Let's find out. 

YouTube Ana Chaerim is a popular South Korean YouTuber who often posts content concerning Arabic culture, appealing to a predominantly Arab audience. Her videos often receive more than 100,000 views. Recently, the YouTuber revealed on her Snapchat that she went to the same high school as Karina.

On her Snapchat, she snaps a photo of her searching for Karina on Naver. She revealed that she is a fan of Aespa and studied in the same middle school and high school as Karina. Ana recalls that Karina is very beautiful back then and has always been popular among students. Ana then reveals that Karina was close friends with her younger sister. 

In another Snapchat Story, Ana defends Karina from malicious comments. She said that there are always people who try to spread false information once someone becomes successful and that haters are everywhere. Ana reveals that she was sad when malicious rumors concerning Karina were being spread, saying that though she knew Karina, there was nothing she could do.

Ana tells fans that there were so many malicious comments that she had no expected. She urges fans not to believe anything that has not been confirmed. Ana goes on to say that she hates all the rumors that are making out Karina to be worse than she is and that they are often exaggerated claims made by people who d not even know who Karina is in real life. 

Ana Chaerim graduated high school in 2017 from the same high school as Karina. The YouTuber posted a photo of her graduation certificate to prove that they were, in fact, school mates.

Back in October, someone claiming to be a friend of Karina (also known as Yoo Jimin) leaked photos of an alleged text message she had with the girl. At the time, Karina was still a trainee. In the text messages, Karina is seen supposedly speaking ill about her labelmates, EXO's Kai, and NCT members Sungchan and Shotaro.

She was also accused of talking badly about the Big Hit Entertainment boy group BTS. She allegedly specifically spoke ill about members RM and Jimin.

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Following the allegations, SM Entertainment announced that they will be taking civil and criminal legal action against those spreading malicious information in an attempt to defame her. SM Entertainment stressed that they will do what is necessary to protect their artists' and trainees' personality and honor.

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Karina debuted with Aespa on Nov. 17 with the song "Black Mamba." Prior to her debut, she appeared in Taemin's "WANT" music video and was promoted with him on music shows as a dancer. Other members of Aespa are Giselle, Winter, and Ningning.

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