These are the Prettiest Idols with Monolid and Double-Eyelids, According to a Plastic Surgeon

These are the Prettiest Idols with Monolid and Double-Eyelids, According to a Plastic Surgeon
(Photo : ITZY Yuna, Red Velvet Seulgi)

A plastic surgeon highlighted why these are the prettiest female idols with monolid and double eyelids! Do you agree with the list? See the full rank in this article!

A prominent plastic surgeon named Philip Son recently named Best 3 "Female Idols with the Prettiest Monolid," as well as Top 3 "Female Idols" with the most gorgeous "Double Eyelids."

In particular, aside from working at a Seoul-based plastic surgery clinic, Philip Son also shares information related to plastic surgery, through Naver blogs and YouTube. In fact, their account "PSPS" has a good number of subscribers and views. Check out his videos and channel HERE.

Meanwhile, he often makes in-depth analyses about K-pop female idols, and here is his ranking of prettiest stars with monolids and double-eyelids!

(Disclaimer: The list is based on the plastic surgeon's personal preference too (with medical basis), thus readers' choice may vary.)

BEST 3 "Female Idols With Gorgeous Double-Eyelids"

In his blog, the plastic surgeon selected three idols with the most beautiful double-eyelids.

1. IZ*ONE Kim Min Ju

Prior to her debut, the female idol gathered several attention upon joining "Produce 101" for her incredible visuals, especially her eyes.

The surgeon explained that her double-eyelid line is an in-out line that extends to the front eye, due to this, her black eyes were highlighted well.

2. Yeonwoo

The former MOMOLAND Yeonwoo received praises from the surgeon, who even said Yeonwoo is among the top ten prettiest idols, though she's underrated.

Philip Son then described her eyes lines as "near and sharp," wherein the fat under her eyes is making her look younger.

3. ITZY Yuna

Yuna is a 03-liner but her visuals just seem to get better, same as her height, and the surgeon described her image as "similar to actress Jun Ji Hyun."

The surgeon then explained that Yuna's big eyes are overhanging, that's why people see it bigger, which are likely to pop out.

He also said, "The double eyelid line is an inout line, and the line is open to the front of the eyes that makes her eyes look clear."

Best 3 "Female Idols with Prettiest Monolid"

1. ITZY Yeji

ITZY is popular for her unique look, particularly her gorgeous "cat-like eyes." She may look like she has a low inline double-eyelid, but it depends on her photos and makeup.

Without her eye makeup, Yeji's monolid is visible, and she looks more pure and fresh with a simple look.

2. TWICE Dahyun

As for Dahyun, according to the surgeon, despite the female idol having a monolid, here eyes are big that it looks natural

He added, "Her iris are very large, and the pretarsal folds are well-developed."

The surgeon also mentioned that Mina and Dahyun have the prettiest nose in TWICE.

3. Red Velvet Seulgi

Among her group members in Red Velvet, Seulgi is the only member with monolid, thus making her shines more.

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Written by Eunice Dawson



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