LOONA Gowon Shares What It Was Like to Debut after Only Two Weeks of Training

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LOONA Gowon made her debut as an idol just two weeks after she auditioned for Blockberry Creative, and it wasn't easy for her.

Recently, Gowon sat down for an interview with KPOP IDOL OLYMPIC where she revealed the story of how she became an idol in just two weeks of training. She started her story by sharing that academies like LP give students the chance to audition for different popular companies. In fact, she first auditioned for Source Music, which is home to GFRIEND. However, she was unable to pass the first stage.

How Did Gowon Become a Member of LOONA?

So, what inspired her to join BlockBerry Creative (the current home of LOONA)? While many trainees usually join companies because of the success of their senior artists, it is different in Gowon's case. LOONA itself inspired Gowon to be part of the said agency. She unveiled that she got interested in the girl group after she saw banners advertising them on the streets.

At that time, 10 members of LOONA were already unveiled by releasing their own solo tracks. Plus, the band already had two units - LOONA Odd Eye Circle and LOONA 1/3. Gowon further shared that she watched the performances of the members who already made their debut, as well as the music videos for their solo songs. And upon seeing their talent, that's when she realized that she wanted to join Blockberry Creative. And so, she auditioned for the label in January 2018.

According to Gowon, it was thanks to "good timing" that she was accepted into the agency. She went on to reveal that as soon as she was chosen to become part of LOONA, the company gave her a song to record - her solo track "One&Only," which came out on Jan. 30, 2018.

"It was a very quick process. At the end of January, the music video and song was released," she added.

LOONA Gowon Felt Unprepared When She Was about to Debut after Just Two Weeks of Training

While she was glad to become one of the members of the girl group, LOONA Gowon confessed that she was not yet ready to become an idol as she dreamt of being one rather late into her youth.

"I felt that my dancing and singing skills were not enough yet. But I received the song that I had to record. I had to go to the studio and sing it, but I was so scared that I couldn't say a word. So, I remember crying in the studio," she revealed.

The female idol continued, "I had to dance in a dress while wearing heels, but I couldn't do it. I guess everything was just unfamiliar to you. Inside, I wanted to do this and that. I really wanted to show others that I can do well. But it was so awkward, and I couldn't express how I felt."

Despite this, LOONA Gowon strived to become more confident and asked the members for help, with Yves teaching her all the time. Thanks to all the help she received from her members, Gowon was able to catch up and the group became one.

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