BIGBANG G-Dragon Proves His Wide Influence as NIKE's 'Valentine's Day' Air Force 1 Sees Increase in Resale Prices

BIGBANG G-Dragon has once again proven his great influence as Nike's "Valentine's Day" collection saw a significant spike in its resale prices.

Nike Releases New Collection to Celebrate Valentine's Day

In celebration of Valentine's Day, Nike launched a new collection on Feb. 6 that includes Air Force 1 and Air Max 90, each of which features colors white, pink, and red. Each of these varieties of footwear also comes with hidden messages on the tongue. On the Air Max 90, buyers can find "AM90 4EVER" and "ME+AM90=TRUE LOVE," while on the Air Force 1, there's "TRUE LOVE SINCE 82."

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BIGBANG G-Dragon, who is known for his partnership with the well-known footwear brand, took to his personal Instagram account to share one of the varieties of Nike's "Valentine's Day" collection. In the first photo is a box wrapped in red tied with a big bow. The next images revealed what's inside the box, and it is a pair of Air Force 1 shoes.

The details of the branded footwear are displayed in the pictures, such as the heart-shaped perforations across the toe box and the message on its tongue as mentioned above. The back details of the product are also shown. After one day of its upload, the post already has more than one million likes.

Nike's Air Force 1 Sees Great Hike in Resale Prices Following BIGBANG G-Dragon's Instagram Post

After BIGBANG G-Dragon made the Instagram post showing his new Air Force 1, the shoe's prices climbed as high as 400,000 KRW (about 365 USD), with its original retail price being 169,000 KRW (approximately 154 USD). This means that the prices saw a nearly 137% increase. Usually, the footwear was resold at around 300,000 KRW (roughly 273 USD), depending on the size.

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With the resale prices of Nike's "Valentine's Day" Air Force 1 increasing that much, this serves as solid evidence of the male idol's influence on the public, with many people wanting to have a pair of their own. A follower of the footwear brand commented on this by saying, "He's the Elon Musk of the sneaker scene," while others claimed, "This must be the GD effect."

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BIGBANG G-Dragon's Previous Influence in Terms of Nike's Collection

This is not the first time that the famous Korean rapper had a big impact on Nike's releases. Back in November 2019, the footwear brand and G-Dragon collaborated for a new Air Force 1 called "Para-Noise," which the idol himself designed. The pair were dropped on Nov. 29 and it didn't take long until it was sold-out all over the world.

In China, the Nike Air Force 1 "Para-Noise" was sold out in only 0.06 seconds. In the United Kingdom, it just took two minutes to be run out of stocks, five minutes in the United States and Canada, nine minutes in Indonesia, and 10 minutes in Australia. Overall, it only took 30 minutes for the shoes to sell out around the world, with a total of 44 countries from east to west.

Would you also like to have Nike's "Valentine's Day" collection?

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