Dara Shock: Former 2NE1 Member Outrageously Did This to Song Min Ho on TV

Dara straightforwardly turned down WINNER member Song Min Ho.(Photo : Dara Official Instagram Account)

There is no denying that Dara, also known as Sandara Park, is considered as an icon in the K-pop industry for her contributions as a former member of 2NE1. On Tuesday, March 9, the "I Don't Care" singer shocked fans when she shockingly did this on live television. Keep on reading to know more.

Dara Shockingly Turned Down WINNER Member Song Min Ho on Live TV

Both Dara and WINNER member Song Min Ho appeared on the latest episode of the "Video Star" show. During an interview, Min ho was asked who among the hosts he used to have a crush on when he guested on the same television program in 2018.

Song Min Ho did not think twice at all and chose fellow YG Entertainment artist Dara. However, while most of the viewers expected the former 2NE1 member to react affirmatively to Min Ho's statement, the "Fire" songstress straightforwardly said that she does not date co-workers.

The WINNER member, then, responded that the shooting really went well. But, the "LOVE ME LOVE ME" hitmaker divulged that the only one who was not feeling fine, at the time, was Dara.

Song Min Ho shared he was worried about Dara and thought that she has to do well. The "ISLAND" singer, then, revealed that he really looks forward to seeing the former 2NE1 member again because it has been too long since they last saw each other.

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Dara Addresses Health Concerns and Rumors About her Alleged Thyroid Problem

Meanwhile, Dara has, previously, revealed her medical test results to assure her devoted supporters that she is healthy. The former 2NE1 member even made it clear that she has no thyroid problems at all despite previous reports.

Most, if not all, fans can recall that the "COME BACK HOME" songstress raised health concerns after some viewers noticed that her neck appears to be swollen. It, then, fueled speculations that she could be suffering from a disease related to her thyroid.

While a few individuals did not take the speculations seriously, avid followers of Dara pushed her to check herself and see a doctor. There were also a lot of people who claimed that the songstress' swollen neck looked so worrying.

In the March 2 episode of "Video Star," Dara had debunked all the rumors and even presented the medical findings to prove that she is well and healthy. The songstress showed the ultrasound findings of her thyroid, which indicated that her gland has is not swelling.

"I have something to reveal. I am healthy," Dara stated at the time. Rumors circulated that I was sick. There is no problem with my thyroid gland," the former 2NE1 member went on.

Dara explained that her neck appears bigger than others as she has bigger muscles on that specific part. The "It Hurts" singer appealed to her devoted supporters and other people to stop sending direct messages to her family, calling the production crew, and contacting her friends to ask about her health since everything is normal.

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