BLACKPINK Rosé Reveals What She Eats Before a Performance + Why She Doesn’t Gain Weight

Following the release of her solo debut, BLACKPINK member Rosé appeared on SBS's "My Little Old Boy." There, she revealed the food she MUST eat before a performance and answers the question fans most want to hear: How does she maintain her slim figure? Keep on reading to learn more!

BLACKPINK's Rosé Dishes on Her Must-Have Meals and Why She Does Not Gain Weight

On the Mar. 14 airing of SBS's "My Little Old Boy," BLACKPINK's Rosé made an appearance as a special MC. During the episode, Rosé was asked if she had any special ritual she does before getting on stage.

Rosé then revealed, "Rice. I make sure to eat a Korean meal with rice before I go on stage. This is a must. If I do not eat rice, I can't finish the performance. The arm loses strength, and it becomes like seaweed. I tried to eat just bread, but it doesn't work the same."

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As the episode continued, cast members Lee Sang Min and Oh Min Seok were seen eating tteokbokki. There, Rosé revealed, "I also like tteobokki! My favorite brand is yeoptteok."

She further revealed that Rosé always eats tteokbokki when she has schedules and that "I just eat it deliciously without worrying about gaining weight."

However, the idol revealed that she is not good at eating spicy food. So that she is able to eat the tteokbokki, she separates the rice cakes and the sauce into separate cups.

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Hearing about Rosé's eating habits appeared to bewilder the MCs, who asked Rosé how she was able to eat so well but not gain weight. They asked her, "Are you exercising a lot? Why are you not gaining weight? There might be people who are watching right now that are getting annoyed," Shin Dong Yeop jokes. "Do you digest well? Do you go to the bathroom often?"

His comments drew laughter from the cast, including Rosé. Though she did not explicitly state why she does not gain weight, it appears the idol simply has a fast metabolism. She is also practicing for more than 12 hours during the promotional period, meaning she definitely gets her daily sweat it. Some people are just born with naturally slim bodies, and it appears Rosé is one of those people.

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Rosé Talks about Her Friendship with Girl's Day's Hyeri

During the episode, Rosé also dished about her friendship with Girl's Day's Hyeri. The idol named Hyeri as her best friend in the industry, saying, "Unnie really takes care of me well. We also communicate well with each other. Unnie has a younger brother, and I have a younger sister, so we get along well together."

Rosé Hyeri
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Shin Dong Yeop agreed with Hyeri, saying that when he worked with Hyeri on "Amazing Saturday," he was able to feel good vibes while around the idol-actress. Rosé agreed with his statements, saying, "Many people think Hyeri is just a funny unnie, but she is very smart."

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